Argentina – Croatia live, today: how many goals has Messi in the World Cup in Qatar live online


Argentina and Croatia faces are seen in Lusail Stadium in the match corresponding to the semi-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Both teams will fight to be in the grand final next Sunday, so a real game is expected. In OK DAILY We will tell you live and live online the result, goals and minute by minute of everything that happens in this exciting Argentina – Croatia.

Argentina – Croatia, live

minute 65

The minutes pass and Croatia continue without firing a single shot between the three sticks.

minute 62

Loveren! Modric kicked a free kick into the box but the centre-back couldn’t connect well with his header and Emiliano Martínez ended up clearing with his fists.

minute 61

The first change occurs in Argentina. Leandro Paredes leaves the green and Lisandro Martínez enters to add one more defender.

minute 58

Livakovic!! Another great play from Leo Messi, who threw a wall to stay alone, but in his shot he hit the Croatian goalkeeper, who avoided the third.

minute 56

New counter-attack from Argentina which ends up cutting Gvardiol.

minute 55

Argentina presses perfectly, while covering the gaps, and Croatia have many problems to make Dibu Martínez uncomfortable.

minute 52

Argentina launched another counterattack, but Enzo ran very slowly. Croatia pushed the lines a lot, but Argentina defended pretty well.

minute 50

Another change in Croatia. Brozovic leaves and Petkovic enters.

minute 49

Long shot from Leandro Paredes who came out very focused and easy for Livakovic.

minute 47

Dangerous foul committed by Otamendi near the surface. Modric put the ball in the box and Emiliano Martínez came out well to catch it.

The second half!

The second half begins at the Lusail stadium. He took Argentina out of the middle so the final 45 minutes could be played…unless Croatia equalized the game. Sosa and Pasalic left and Vlasic and Orsic entered the checkered team.


One of the most controversial actions of the first half was the penalty that Livakovic committed against Julián Álvarez and which Orsato did not hesitate to point out. Messi converted the maximum penalty and opened the box in this game, going 2-0 up at halftime. Pictures in this link.

Messi goes down in history

Leo Messi equaled Maradona several games ago as Argentina’s second top scorer in World Cup history. With his goal against the Netherlands, he equalized Batistuta and with the one he scored today against Croatia, he was already ranked first. All figures and details by clicking here.


There was a free kick in favor of Argentina after a sensational play by Leo Messi, but the referee signaled the end of the first half and didn’t let him start.

minutes 45+3

Cross from Perisic very deviated which comes out on the outside.

minute 45+2

Argentina are very good defensively, even Messi helps with these tasks when the game is in his area.

minute 45

4 minutes are added to the first act!

minute 45

Shot down by Luka Modric who crashes at Otamendi. Then there was a cross but it was called offside.

minute 43

Messi came back to put the second corner in the box and Livakovic cleared it.

minute 42

Livakoviiiic!! Corner in favor of Argentina that Mac Allister ends, but the reflexes of the Croatian goalkeeper were brutal and there will be another corner for the Albiceleste.

minute 39

Goal for Argentina! Goal for Julian Alvarez! Croatia took the short corner and quickly lost the ball. The leather reaches the City striker, who covers the whole pitch until he finally stumbles the ball in the final meters and beats Livakovic.

minute 38

The center of Sosa which erases one of the centrals of Croatia. Now there will be a corner in favor of Croatia.

minute 37

Let’s see how Argentina tries to hold on now, because let’s remember that every time they had an advantage in those last rounds, they ended up suffering, a lot.

minute 34

Goal for Argentina! Goal for Leo Messi! The Rosario player was facing the goalkeeper in the penalty shootout of this World Cup, but the leather burst and although Livakovic guessed the team, it was impossible to stop. The Albiceleste is in front with the goal of the former Barcelona player.

minute 32

Penalty in favor of Argentina! A defensive mistake by Croatia left Julián Álvarez alone against Livakovic. The keeper brought down the Manchester City striker and Orsato scored the cal point. There was a yellow card for the goalkeeper and also for Kovacic for protesting.

minute 31

Perisic tried a very complicated action. He received the ball on the wing, cut and tried to chip it. Goal kick for Albiceleste

minute 29

Until now Daniele Orsato, the referee of this Argentina-Croatia match, let them play a lot. If the Italian referee sees that he can apply the law of advantage, he does not hesitate to let the action continue.

minute 28

Dangerous foul in favor of Croatia. Modric hooked badly and Argentina cleared the leather with no problem.

minute 25

First shot of the game! It was Enzo Fernández from the front of the box. Fitted to the stick, but very loose. Livakovic cleared it with no problem.

minute 25

Another cross from Tagliafico, but no one was in the area or to challenge for the ball.

minute 22

Messi attempted one of those passes he loves so much, but Gvardiol cut the leather before he reached Tagliafico.

minute 19

Messi was seen putting his hand on his thigh. Let’s see if they are a nuisance or prevent him from continuing to play in this Qatar 2022 World Cup semi-final.

minute 16

First corner of the game and it’s for Croatia. Luka Modric took it short and ended up having a cross which Lovren sent in.

minute 14

How Tagliafico threw himself on the plate to head a long ball that was looking for a Croatian striker.

minute 13

Croatia now monopolize possession of the ball, but Argentina defend very well.

minute 10

Perisic hung up a throw-in that could perfectly have been a corner kick, but Romero cleared the ball from his box.

minute 8

The ball rolls in the center of the field without either of the two teams being able to approach the opposing areas.

minute 5

Now Perisic hooked a ball, but it ended up in Dibu Martínez’s gloves.

minute 4

Another long ball, this time for Tagliafico. Livakovic arrived in front of Olympique de Lyon.

minute 2

Long ball for Nahuel Molina who arrived very forced. He put the center as he could but did not find a partner.

The confrontation begins!

Roll the ball now! Start this semi-final of the World Cup in Qatar 2022! He took Croatia out of the middle.

5 minutes!

Footballers jump onto the green at Lusail Stadium to battle it out in these semi-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. National anthems will sound and players will greet each other, customary photos will be taken and captains will pitch draw . It comes from nothing!

the grand finale

One of these two countries will qualify for the Grand Final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup to be held next Sunday, December 18. The Lusail stadium, where today’s match is played, will be the scene of the decisive confrontation during which one team will be proclaimed world champion. All the details on the final, by clicking here.

a curious story

In OKDIARIO, we met journalist Federico Jelic, a journalist born in Argentina but of Croatian origin. In fact, in his country he is known as El Croata. It will be a very special match for him and he told us about it. Don’t miss your feelings. Click here to find out.

Interview with Jarni

OKDIARIO spoke with Robert Jarni, a legendary Croatian footballer who played for teams in our country such as Real Madrid, Unión Deportiva Las Palmas or Real Betis. The versatile left wing assessed the game, talked about his country’s options in this game and in the World Cup in Qatar or Luka Modric. All his statements, here.

the previous

At this point in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, it is inevitable to think about winning the World Cup and adding the third star, in the case of Argentina, or the first, in the case of Croatia. Moreover, two geniuses like Leo Messi and Luka Modric will fight to keep this dream alive. You can read the best preview by clicking this link.

Leo Messi’s message

Leo Messi captained and gave a clear message to his teammates when talking about Croatia. “It’s a bone,” said the Rosario, who knows that the checkered side know how to resist and do not mind reaching extra time or even risking it on penalties. All information in this link.

Argentinian fans

For a few days, the match has already been played in Argentina. Thousands of fans gathered 24 hours after the start of the match in a central square in the South American country and played in images that make your hair stand on end. The video, by clicking here.

Goodbye to Mateu Lahoz

FIFA sent Antonio Mateu Lahoz to Spain. The Valencian referee will not officiate any more matches in the sequel to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Let’s remember the many criticisms he received from Argentina after the clash against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals. All the information by clicking on this link.

a controversial message

An official FIFA Twitter account shared a controversial message in which it read: “It’s today”, next to the Argentinian flag. Many users have complained because it seems that the treatment favors albiceleste, but the real reason is that it is a profile in Spanish, a language spoken in the South American country and not in Croatia . All the details by clicking here.

eleven from Croatia

Dalic’s eleven is also formalized for this match between Croatia and Argentina. Little new in the checkered team, which arrives after beating Brazil in the quarter-finals. Here is the composition of the Croats: Livakovic; Juranovic, Lovren, Gvardiol, Sosa; Modric, Brozovic, Kovacic; Pasalic, Kramaric, Perisic.

Argentinian composition

We already know those chosen by Lionel Scaloni to try to obtain this ticket for the final of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. The Argentine coach once again leaves Di María on the bench. The albiceleste jumps on the green of the State of Lusail like this: I drew Martinez; Nahuel Molina, Otamendi, Romero, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Enzo Fernández, Mac Allister; Messi, Julian Alvarez.

What time is Argentina – Croatia

The match between Argentina and Croatia in the semi-finals of the World Cup which is taking place in Qatar will start at 8:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. if you are in the Canary Islands.

Where to see Argentina – Croatia

The Argentina-Croatia match corresponding to the semi-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup which is taking place at the Lusail stadium today, Tuesday, December 13, can be seen on open television via RTVE’s La1 and via the pay channel Gol Mundial, available on Movistar+. To follow the clash in streaming, you will need to have the RTVE Play application. On the other hand, at OKDIARIO we will tell you minute by minute everything that is happening.

until the end

Good afternoon everybody ! Welcome to the live online streaming of the results, goals and minutes by minutes of this Argentina – Croatia match in the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. At stake, a ticket for the final of the Cup of the world which will be held next Sunday, December 18 at the Stade de Lusail.


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