Argamasilla failed to recover from the deadly shooting


Argamasilla de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) (EFE).- Argamasilla de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) has not yet managed to recover from the fatal shooting experienced a month ago, when a resident of the municipality put an end to the life of a local police officer and a farmer and had to be killed by security forces.

It was on October 26 that Alfonso LG, 50, started a dispute with his father, 81, for unknown reasons and a farmer from the municipality, José Luis Fernández, came to mediate the dispute, although that Alfonso has taken his father’s big game gun and shoots him.

As the security forces arrived at the country house where the events were taking place, Alfonso shot anyone who wanted to approach and, in this way, also killed Alejandro Congosto, a local police officer, and wounded a civil guard and another local policeman. officer, while leaving his father wounded by the blows he gave him.

The population is still shocked by the sad episode

A month after these events, the mayor of Argamasilla de Calatrava (Ciudad Real), Jesús Manuel Ruiz, explained to EFE that the population is still “appalled and saddened by an episode that shook the entire population”.

The mayor remembers that morning “with a lot of nervousness and anguish” because in the city “they really didn’t know what was going on” and adds: “When we moved near the square, insofar as the Civil Guard allowed us to do so, we only saw tears, helplessness, despair among the local police and Civil Guard agents who were there”.

“Even today, I wake up at night with a start from the tension felt and the accumulation of sensations that we experienced during those days,” explains Ruiz.

The mayor remembers how in the first minutes, after realizing the seriousness of what was happening, the first thing he did was to put himself at the disposal of the security forces and bodies, and immediately afterwards, he began to work with the Red Cross to provide all necessary support to the families of the deceased.

Image of the house where a deadly shooting took place, in Argamasilla de Calatrava (Ciudad Rea). EFE/Jesus Monroy

“Although the feeling was suffocating us, we had to be firm in taking care of those who needed us the most”, explains Ruiz, who underlines that if the elected municipal officials were “in shock”, the relatives of the victims “were well. worse”, so “It was only possible to overcome them and be at their side to offer them all the support.”

Looking back at what happened, the city councilor expresses “the pride” he feels as mayor when he sees the “unity and solidarity” shown by all the councilors of the corporation, elected and neighbours, who “did not hesitate to turn from minute to minute to the families affected.

“We were aware that only by being united could we overcome the blow the city had received,” he says enthusiastically.

Argamasilla does not forget its heroes who died in the shooting

To date, “it is difficult” for the municipality to recover because the inhabitants are still “shocked” and above all they do not forget their “heroes”: the local policeman Alejandro Congosto and the farmer José Luis Fernández who died in the filming.

As for the injured – an agent of the Citizen Security Unit of the Civil Guard of Ciudad Real and a local policeman of the municipality – the process of physical and psychological recovery “will be long, even if they are recovering very well”, explains Ruiz.

Regarding the shooter’s father, who was also injured by the blows his son gave him during the argument, the mayor said that after the event he did not see him again, because this man lives in another city and when he asked him, they told him that “he is going through a difficult time”

Regarding the investigations, he indicates that the ballistic unit of the Civil Guard returned to the scene of the event “to analyze and seek information, without any conclusion of the investigation to date”.

There is also no news regarding the circumstances in which, a week later, the country house from which the shots were fired caught fire, one kilometer from the urban center of Argamasilla de Calatrava , on the road that goes to Villamayor de Calatrava.

Juan Manuel Romero


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