Are Rihanna and A$AP Rocky engaged amid revealing music video?


ORone of the couples at the moment in show business Rihanna and A$AP Rockywho is waiting for the birth of their first child, but in recent hours, engagement rumors between the singers have skyrocketed.

Why is the supposed engagement between Rihanna and A$AP Rocky being talked about?

Released this Thursday Video of Rocky “DMB”in which the singer appears next to RiRi in a series of moments in which the couple can’t stop showing off their love, but there’s a twist, most of the video revolves around a marriage proposal and, yes, a wedding.

Who is getting married? More specifically, Rihanna and A$AP, who, according to a press release, appear in the video as “real characters who love to ride or die in a committed relationship, no matter the circumstances.”

During the video, you can see the story of how A$AP got in trouble with the law and even ended up in jail, but Rihanna keeps visiting him and bouncing over Rocky as soon as he gets out.

Later, A$AP shows off some gold grills with the phrase “Marry me”, and the “Work” singer replies, “Yes.” But that’s not all, as the couple immediately show up at the wedding ceremony, walking down the aisle to the cheering of friends and family who throw red roses at them.

A$AP and Rihanna’s confession?

Immediately on social media, the singer’s fans speculated that A$AP and Rihanna were indeed engaged, although a source assured TMZ that this was not true and that the video was made just for fun, it even seems to be a response to Rocky’s recent legal problems and the rumors of singer RiRi’s infidelity.


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