Are Any ‘Bonanza’ Cast Members Still Alive?


Bonanza was a TV mainstay for a generation of viewers. It’s the second-longest-running Western series in the United States (after gunsmoke) and continues to air in syndication. The actors who made Bonanza a hit have a legacy that extends well past the peak of their careers, but most have died in the decades since the series ended. Even after their deaths, two of the show’s biggest stars remain inseparable.

The series was 1 of the great TV Westerns of its era

‘Bonanza’ cast circa 1965: Dan Blocker (left), Michael Landon, Lorne Greene, and Pernell Roberts | Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Set in the 1860s, Bonanza follows the adventures of the Cartwrights, owners of the Ponderosa, a thousand-square-mile ranch on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe. (The ranch inspired an amusement park of the same name that was active from 1968 to 2004.) The show differed from most Westerns at the time because its storylines focused less on the range and more on the relationships among the family members, their neighbors, and topical moral dilemmas.


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