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In order to reduce the number of iPhone thefts, Apple has decided not to repair them anymore. Apple Stores and Authorized Repair Shops will now refuse to repair iPhones whose IMEI numbers are reported as stolen.

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Apple wants to keep its smartphones from being hated by thieves by making them unrepairable.This apple store And the Apple Authorization Center has refused to intervene on any device where the customer fails to disable the Find My feature (find mine), which means it is likely to be stolen. However, this assumes that the victim has activated this feature integrated into the iPhone, which is not always the case.

According to an internal memo obtained by the website Mike Rumors, Apple decided to move on speed superior basis database GSMA Device Registry. GSMA is the international association of mobile operators and manufacturers. It maintains a registry accessible anywhere in the world containing information about lost or stolen devices. It includes in particular the IMEI number, which is an identifier unique to each smartphone.

Any iPhone reported as stolen will now refuse to be repaired

Now, when Apple employees shop Or an authorized repairer scans the stolen iPhone, they will notify the device status via a message in the MobileGenius or GS​​X system and must refuse the repair.The only real question is why Apple After waiting so long, this database is not new…

However, thanks to the new self-repair procedure, some elements, such as the iPhone’s screen, battery or camera, can still be repaired.Apple announced its Self Repair Last November, with official spare parts, tools and manuals, any iPhone owner can repair it themselves.

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