Appetizer menu at the Reina Sofía restaurant in Badajoz


this Queen Sophia Recovered visits to different headquarters Food bank After the end of the alarm state. Taking this opportunity, Felipe VI’s mother went to Badajoz to learn about the work of the agency, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this year.

Before going to the headquarters, Doña Sofía took the opportunity to have lunch in one of the most famous restaurants in the city. its about Marchivrito RestaurantsIn 2019, he was awarded the “Acuerpo de Rey” award as the best restaurant in Extremadura. This figure has been able to talk to local staff, who explained the situation of the visit.

As confirmed by Look’s direct sources, Felipe VI’s mother was welcomed by the cheers and applause of “Viva la Reina”. This time, Doña Sofía enjoyed a fish dish because it is a public domain and she does not eat meat. The queen tasted a single la Meunière, and chocolate ice cream as dessert. For this lunch, Doña Sofía was accompanied by a few people who came with her from Madrid.

“It was a very touching visit and they applauded a lot for it,” they explained in the restaurant, where they assured the king’s mother to be very kind, affectionate and very simple. In fact, he even took photos with local staff.

Queen Sophia performs in Madrid / Gtresd

after lunch, Around 5:00 in the afternoon, Mrs. Sophia visited the food bank headquarters in the cityThere, he was able to witness the work carried out by the agency firsthand, where they explained how to sort food for distribution, etc. Since the end of the Christmas campaign, the Queen has been very interested in how they will face the institution in the next few months. Donations usually decrease. During this visit, Queen Sofia chose a simple and flattering style, including dark green pants, a spotted jacket and a shirt with a bow, and an FFP2 mask.

This visit is part of a trip that Doña Sofía, as the chairman of the Reina Sofía Foundation, has been going through different food banks in the country for several months, and the foundation works directly with such causes. In fact, it has recently been in Cáceres.

Throughout the day, Felipe VI’s mother was very kind and attentive. This quality has been emphasized by several local media visited.The queen did not leave Badajoz empty-handed, but received some gifts Poor Claire’s candy.

Queen Sophia
Dona Sofia visits Santander Food Bank / Gtres

For 83-year-old Doña Sofía, she has been very nervous recently, combining her activities within the framework of the Reina Sofía Foundation with her various commitments as a member of the royal family and a representative of the royal family. For example, this week, Felipe VI’s mother hosted an event in Madrid to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Association of Victims of Terrorism and an introduction to the event “AVT: 40 Years of Working with Victims”.

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