Any man who does not own a house or a car before marriage has no future.


Any man who does not have a house or a car before marriage has no future, says Lilian Afegbai

Nigerian actress and reality star Lilian Afegbai has said that a man who does not have a home and car of his own before settling down is not serious about his life.

She said this on the Toke Moments show while talking about how she wants to be with a man who lives comfortably.

According to Big Brother Africa alumni, she is doing well and would hope her man can also afford to buy his own house instead of paying rent.

Lilian, however, said she’s not looking for a billionaire because that standard can actually be far-reaching.

He explained that buying a house in Nigeria doesn’t really require having that much money, since you are already making the down payments on your own house.

The screen diva further said that any man who cannot buy a house for himself cannot be with her because it means they are not mentally inclined.

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