Antono Salvà: “To expel the Civil Guard is to destroy our freedom”


Antonio Salvá, father of ETA’s latest victim, says the Civil Guard ‘is the backbone of Spain’ and throwing it away “It is destroying our national freedom and our mode of coexistence”. This was pronounced during the concentration convened this Sunday by Vox in Palma by decision of the government of Pedro Sanchez withdraw the Civil Guard from Navarre. Salvá also strongly attacked the reduction of sentences for crimes of sedition.

Salva asserts that Reducing the crime of sedition is something that particularly affects the 206 Civil Guards killed by ETA. “His death will have been for nothing and what they sell us every day that ETA no longer exists is a lie.” Salvá adds that ETA exists in the political arena and that its plan is still intact. “ETA achieves its goals day by day,” said Salvá, a deputy from Vox, during the concentration held this Sunday in Palma.

And Salvá adds: “Now the government of Pedro Sánchez removes the Civil Guard from the circulation of Navarre, the same thing that has been done before in Catalonia and the Basque Country and everything responds to a pre-established scenario. The Civil Guard is the backbone of Spain. To renounce the Civil Guard is to destroy our national freedom and our mode of coexistence.

Antonio Salvá affirms that he attended the rally held this Sunday in Palma “because the government of Sánchez has become the government of infamy, a government that surpasses itself every day in its evil, annoying the Spaniards and selling Spain at auction”. The height of Spain’s betrayal is the reduction of the crime of sedition, it’s the beginning of Spain’s split and it’s intolerable.

Salvá adds that it is necessary to do everything possible so that this, the reduction of sentences for the crime of sedition, does not go ahead. “We have to take to the streets, we can’t disappoint our voters, we have to go to court and where necessary so that things don’t move forward.”

And Antonio Salvá continues: “The rapprochement of ETA prisoners is a betrayal of the victims and the good people. Everything is part of a preconceived plan that stems from the application of Bolinga Doctrine that PP was invented. It is a question of bringing together the prisoners of the Basque Country, of giving them the third degree and the street. This confirms what I have always said in the Congress of Deputies, namely that in five years no member of ETA will remain in prison.

Antonio Salvá, as a member of the Congress of Deputies, is forced to live with the representatives of Bildu, the heirs of the terrorist group that murdered his son, an agent of the Civil Guard. On this subject, he expresses himself as follows: “To agree with those of Bildu in Congress is something that hurts me, but I have it or hurts from inside. I entered politics because they, the members of ETA, are in politics and I believe that the victims have no choice but to enter politics since neither the PSOE nor the PP represent us in the everything. You have to be in politics because it’s the only way you have to defend yourself.”


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