Antonio Resines’ huge panic after second coronavirus infection


no doubt, Admission to ICU Antonio Resines with certain complications due to covid, marking the front and back of our territory.Day in and day out, the main concern is the actor’s health and his evolution, that’s why the whole country is in a state of tension, no more than 48 days at most, and this is the day the protagonist is hospitalized. The Theranos.

Antonio Resines recording his new series

Weeks passed until the interpreter was finally able to live a fully normal life after experiencing one of his most shocking fears at age 68. That’s why, when the news came out last October that he tested positive for the new coronavirus again, all the alarms went off, and it didn’t stop there. Now, artist He overcame the new contagion more easily than before, and many in the media wanted to ask about his mood. Such was the case with the Gtres agency, which met Resines in the capital, who admitted without hesitation that he felt a certain kind of fear when the test came back positive: “Well, a little scared, but not anymore,” he confesses, thereby clarifying that he’s “completely” recovered and “everything is going well” In your daily life and when you return to work.

Antonio Resines in
Antonio Resines interviewed by “Joaquin, Rookie”

However, this second contagion paralyzed his agenda, albeit for only a few days. Antonio plans to participate in the Valladolid International Film Week (SEMINCI), where he will collect the nails of honor for his impeccable career. Man from Torrelavega has much-anticipated date but he can’t make it Given his health and avoid possible infection by other participants. But the truth is that this relapse has nothing to do with the last, and at some point the actor’s life was sometimes terrified due to severe bilateral pneumonia, which kept him away from the camera for months, immersed in the company of his loved ones As he recovered, they accompanied him on his most complicated journey.

Antonio Resines Smile / Gtres
Antonio Resines smiles after beating coronavirus

Now, interpreters can brag about starting a new phase of life full of projects, one of which is recorded Serie A We apologize for the inconvenience caused to youIn it he was present in complete normalcy and left some very difficult moments that are approaching anniversaries that have been remembered by citizens across Spain for the discomfort a national icon should have found in those In case of convulsions.


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