Antonio David: Recruiting his army in his media war


Antonio David Flores returns to the game.After the documentary “Rocio, Tell the Truth Can Live”, after several months in the background, the former National Guard used his new YouTube channel Convene more than 71,000 subscribers in the demo This will not leave anyone indifferent.

Antonio David Flores with the sea in the background / YouTube

He appeared on the most famous video platform and caused a lot of discussion.Former collaborator help me He promised to use his channel to answer some of the TV questions he involved.Since he launched his YouTube page, his speech has gained “Blue Tide”, The name under which all his followers were collectively baptized. Antonio David himself did not want to ignore this feeling. In order to thank him, he decided to summon them to the rally that will be held in Malaga: “Today I am very happy to publish this video for the following reasons. As you know, on social networks On the previous page, there are rumors that the Blue Tide movement will hold a rally in Malaga. He took a step forward and promoted the concentration in Málaga“, he first explained in the video.

“Blue Tide” came to the life of former Germany Rossio Carrasco Participate like a breath of fresh air Big brother, But it did not stay there. This “army” was also the encouragement of Rocío Jurado’s ex-son-in-law in the toughest moments in television and real life:. Whether it is my family or me. We have always been the trend of social networks. The movement has been heard. All the media heard it,” he continued. “In the past few months, there have been some things that have surprised me.Is that When I’m on the street, people see me and say, “Hey, Antonio David, I’m from the Blue Tide“The protagonist said, obviously moved.

This movement to support my father Dew Over time, it has successfully continued and become stronger and stronger, becoming a complete “shock therapy” in response to the attacks of the talker: “Imagine how we have grown, we have become great Movement. Now, the movement has taken a step forward and has gone to the street. The reason for this is People are already tired. She was tired of so many lies, so much abuse, so much injustice. Therefore, it is not only mentioned in social networks, but also concentrated on the streets,” he said excitedly.

Antonio David
Antonio David / YouTube Concentration in Malaga

Even so, he still hopes that this meeting is characterized by respect and knowing how to do it: “This kind of focus is out of respect. Respect you are always showing off on social networks. From respect, we will expose all these injustices and all Things we disagree with. But this time it’s on the street.” Antonio David would like to ask his followers to keep a few words about the good behavior they showed online in the presentation:”We will not irritate those who do not want this kind of focus to proceed smoothly.Of course, all hygiene measures must be maintained,” he clarified in a brief explanation.

Antonio David Flores
Antonio David Flores in his channel/video on YouTube

To end your message, youtuber He wanted to express his gratitude to those who attended and those who were unable to attend for various reasons: “Thank you to all those who will take to the streets to support us and those who have to do this social network, I will always be grateful to you. Except being with you, giving back to you everything you gave me, I have nothing, I will be with you in that focus. In our focus,” he concluded and made it clear that this opportunity will be the perfect contact between him and his fans.

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