Antonio David Flores speaks after winning the “Save Me” trial


A new chapter in life Antonio David Flores. Since the broadcast of the documentary series Rossio Carrasco, The former collaborator tried to stay in the background because the entire network was in the hands of his lawyers.One of the outstanding issues is the lawsuit against the producer TV factory. Just a few days ago, the verdict of the former National Guard was declared the winner.This is how the Social Court No. 42 of Madrid was exposed, which declared that he was dismissed by the producer for “invalidated for infringing on his right of honour” help me, Collected in sentences in the newspaper world Already visited.After this victory, Rocío Flores’ father made some statements Gtres microphone After winning this pulse in the show he participated in, he showed his happiness.

Antonio David Flores has won the pulse of “Sálvame”. / Gtres

“I’m very happy, today is a beautiful day. We are going to have dinner and celebration with the law firm. Most importantly, this is the first step in all the steps we will take,” he began. “There is a lot to pay. This is a very fair judgment. It shows that justice must be held in court, not on television,” he added with a smile. Antonio David FloresHe would also like to thank all those who supported him during the complex phase he was going through.

Antonio David Flores talks with Gtres' microphone.  /Gtres
Antonio David Flores talks with Gtres’ microphone. /Gtres

On the other hand, the reporter asked him whether his former colleague had contacted him once he knew the verdict. “Yes, but I don’t want to mention anyone who has lost my job, and I don’t want to hurt them,” he explained.

Antonio David Flores was emotional after winning the lawsuit against
Antonio David Flores was emotional after winning the lawsuit against “La Fábrica de la Tele”. /Gtres

This is not the only judicial issue you have to deal with.This Thursday, reporter Luis Rendueles was at It’s noon That brother Dew He is willing to persevere to the end in order to solve the corresponding problem of unpaid alimony since 2018. “It’s a lawsuit filed by a child. It is the petition asking to represent David Flores. Failure to pay pensions is the strictest in Spanish law», he said. At this point, Flores is more willing to “follow the same route as always.” «These are common things, they are issues that we will deal with where we have to deal with. Nothing else,” David said. Later, the reporter asked him if he was willing to reach an agreement with Rossito to withdraw all the lawsuits, “I will give my son my life,” he declared very confidently.

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