Antonio David Flores: Confirming his separation from Olga Moreno


Antonio David Flores broke up with Olga Moreno. Lecturas magazine announced the news on Wednesday, October 20, but it wasn’t until 9 days later that one of the protagonists confirmed the news.After his daughter, Rocío Flores, after a complicated day of work, she took an unprecedented attitude Anna Rosa’s show, Andalusians have left their homes to talk to the space on the spot and confirm the secrets that have been made public And his own daughter Although he tried to protect them, he could not deny it.

With great emotion, Flores admitted that his relationship with Olga was over. «If they want to cause harm, they have succeeded. If they want to break up, they have succeeded »The ex-husband of Rocío Carrasco was surprised by this recognition, although he once again pointed out that others were guilty of what happened.

Antonio David Flores
Antonio David Flores in the “Anna Rosa Project” / Telecinco

more importantly, Antonio David used his intervention to refute that “a person, a colleague, a reporter was marked in red There is no evidence that this was the fuse of my breakup, which is absolutely wrong. Caused so much damage…». There is no doubt that it refers to a few words from Marta Riesco, The reporter of the show where his daughter works, has been related to him in recent days. Although the reporter was or was a close friend of Rocío Flores, the former National Guard did not deny that any content was published, which is surprising.

All this happened under the gaze of Rocío Flores. She looked at her father and couldn’t help but burst into tears.Antonio David may be more broken than ever in television directors, which made his daughter lose the little restraint he had just a few minutes ago Forgive his father and Olga promised it won’t be her Who confirmed or denied a story in which he is not the protagonist.

David Flores, Olga Moreno
Olga Moreno and David Flores/GTRES

The reaction of the former son-in-law of Rocio Jurado was beyond everyone’s expectations. After seeing him, his face was full of tears. Rocío Flores wants to point out to all those who say that their ex-partner does not speak for the sake of money.

Now that the separation of Antonio David and Olga has become a reality, all the unknowns that appeared when Lecturas made the news public were more influential than ever. Where will Rocío Carrasco’s son David live? Will this new situation harm the legal strategy of Antonio David Flores? The only thing that is clear is that, at least as far as Rossio Flores is concerned, they were, are, and will be a family, higher than anything that might happen in a marriage. Or this is what everyone expects.

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