Antonio Brown turns down Brady? “I love Tom. This is my boyfriend

TOafter a week in which Anthony Brown lit up in scandals and uttered controversial phrases against NFL characters like his friend Tom Bradyseems to be former Tampa Bay Buccaneers The player decided to retract some of his words.

Change of speech about his “friend” Brady

Brown, 33, said Friday outside the Via Allora in Beverly Hills that he had already spoken to Brady, despite doubting the veracity of his friendship with the legendary quarterback in days past.

“Look, I love Tom. This is my boyfriend. Don’t misrepresent him. A lot of the words were taken out of context. twist it out of nothing with Tom Brady,” Brown told TMZ Sports.

But that wasn’t all, as the veteran wide receiver praised the seven-time Super Bowl winner, whom he described as the greatest both on and off the field.

“He is GOAT. Great player. Great teammate,” added AB.

Brown was surprised by this shift in discourse about his current relationship with Brady after questioning the real reasons the quarterback considers him a friend last week on the Full Send podcast.

“Not everyone in sports will be your friend. Why is Tom Brady my friend? Because I’m a good football player. He needs me to play football,” Brown said.

Brown didn’t apologize to the Arians, but…

After an episode during a Buccaneers-New York Jets game in which Brown left the field and took off his jersey, for which he was expelled from the team, the former Super Bowl champion still believes that coach Bruce Arians was not in order, although he admits that he himself could have done otherwise.

“Obviously, I could handle my emotions better. But sometimes when you’re angry, you can handle yourself the wrong way,” Brown said.

Brown is now focused on recovering from his ankle injury, but he is not wasting any time and, in addition to spending time with celebrities like Madonna, he is preparing a musical collaboration with Ye (Kanye West).

“Something is brewing for us. We have a lot of things working, it will be soon,” he said.


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