Antonio Banderas’ most special reunion and daughter Stella’s confession


Antonio Banderas He is having a dream that he doesn’t want to wake up. After leaving their daughter for a year and a half, the two met again.Her daughter is the culmination of her marriage to Melanie Griffith. She has crossed the pond and left the United States where she lives with her mother. Settling in Malaga Next to his father.

Her influence in our country is growing bit by bit. The young woman used her time in Spain to reveal how it feels to work with her father as an assistant director of musicals. company, The role of books in his life and writing is one of his lesser-known passions.

The actor wrote on his social network: “Happiness is to get my daughter close after COVID braces,” and a photo with her daughter. Receive the publication of the mother’s response. Melanie Griffith left a few heart-shaped icons to express her love for this beautiful family photo. This reunion is a real blessing to Antonio Banderas, who did not miss the opportunity to talk about his daughter’s announcement of returning to Spain last summer:«My daughter has her own opinions on things that interest me. He has his own point of view and personality.He likes Malaga very much, You have your cousin here. We haven’t seen each other for a year and a half. We have done a lot of scaling…», he admits.

From words to actions. It was Banderas and Stella del Carmen posing for a photo on the red carpet at the San Sebastian Film Festival. There they wasted complicity. One of the important topics mentioned in their last date was the change of Stella’s surname.The young woman asked the Los Angeles County Court that her new name was Stella del Carmen Banderas because she collected explode.

Confession of the daughter of Antonio Banderas

Stella del Carmen Banderas is the star on the cover of the December issue of the magazine Allie. For many people, she is a great unknown, but for only 25 years, she has known what the field of art is and runs her own beauty company (Light world) Or actively respond to climate change. He talked about this and more in the interview, which can be found on the pages of the aforementioned publications.

Stella del Carmen (Stella del Carmen) for
Stella del Carmen (Stella del Carmen) for “Elle”

The daughter of Antonio Banderas confessed what it’s like to work with her father: “It’s a fulfilling job as an assistant director in a theater. It’s really inspiring to be surrounded by creative people every day.” Also, don’t be in the future. Hide your wish: “I dream of building my own family, creating a beautiful home, a place where we love each other and live happily”And what he hates most: “I hate empty conversations. Talking just to speak has no meaning. Although language is important and rich, it is a shame to waste it. Antonio Banderas has reason to be proud.

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