Antonio Banderas’ daughter Stella del Carmen changes her surname

Not all countries have the same customs or are governed by the same bureaucratic documents. Stella del Carmen You have decided to change your last name.That is his real name, his last name is Dominguez and GriffithBut she is Antonio Banderas, Leading to endless chaos. The daughter of the Málaga actor has an official ID with a different name. “They even use Carmen as their last name,” they commented from their environment Vanitatis.

Stella del Carmen, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are in the file picture. /Gtres

The young woman has moved to Málaga, where she works side by side with her father as the second assistant director. This is why he thinks he should organize his things and file a legal petition to the Los Angeles court where he has been living so that he can unify all his documents.In this way, it will be called Stella Del Carmen DominguezAlthough his mother’s surname Griffith is also necessary as a second surname in our country.

Stella del Carmen, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are in the file picture. /Gtres

American Magazine Blas He was the one who made this decision known and revealed Stella’s desire to get rid of Griffith. However, the environment of the protagonist in this story denies these statements and proves that this movement is necessary. “He wants to keep everything in order For this, he must consult a judge, but this has nothing to do with his mother’s surname or anything. It is a question of how to call himself”, he commented. Vanitatis.

Stella del Carmen in the file image. /Gtres

Stella del CarmenBorn on September 24, 1996, the daughter of Antonio Banderas-the translator chose this surname instead of Dominguez as the stage name-and Melanie Griffith (Melanie Griffith) in common. By making this important decision, Stella del Carmen will avoid making explanations at the border, customs, or any entity that requires an explanation.

There are some rumors that Stella wanted to delete her mother’s surname because of a “bad relationship”, but this is not the case because they have been very close. In fact, Stella del Carmen did not hesitate to praise her mother whenever he had a chance. “My mother has always emphasized the importance of building a good and loving relationship with myself. To a certain extent, this gives me the courage to have an open dialogue with the higher self, God or the universe. Many times she told me to ask wisdom , Now that I am older, I can treat her as a Inspiration for the person I want to be And what I want to do is more like an adult’s thing. It’s more like a friendship”, revealing the past.

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