Anti-vaccine violence intensifies: Police crack down on protesters with dogs in Amsterdam


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More than 2000 people They demonstrated in Amsterdam this Sunday against the restrictions imposed by the Dutch governmentThe large-scale demonstration ended in violent clashes between dozens of protesters and the police. Used dog and baton Suppress those who protest violently.

The city government restricted access to certain areas in the central area of ​​Dutch cities and even banned some demonstrations. The conflict broke out when the security forces began to expel the protesters from the central square of Musenpleim.Issued by Amsterdam City Council “Emergency Order” Around noon, security personnel were warned that they would take action “in stages” against those who ignored the ban.

Due to clashes with the protesters, the Dutch police had to obtain additional support during the social turmoil. It just so happens that this Sunday, the city’s riot police are on strike. The police used several guard dogs. In some images, you can see one of the dogs biting a protester and not letting go, so the policeman holding the dog on a leash had to intervene to try to get it to let go of the person’s arm.

Demonstrations continued in West Park, a park in the city center, where demonstrations called for by far-right parties were allowed. Forum for Democracy (FvD)The call far exceeded the 2,000-person capacity limit allowed by the city government to maintain a safe distance between people.

“We urgently call on the public to keep their distance 1.5 metress. The police have communicated the matter to the organizers and told them again that they are responsible for reminding participants to keep a distance of 1.5 meters,” the city council wrote in a short message on Twitter. Obviously, the safe distance is usually not reached.

Thousands of people were demonstrating in Amsterdam this Sunday.


According to local media reports, during the clash between the protesters and the police, one person was “obviously hit by a stone” on the head, while at least two other men were slightly injured.Still unknown The balance between injuries and detention during the protest.

Among the protesters, you can see the banner They demand “freedom” And accused the government of wanting to control the population: “This is not about viruses, but about control”. A person in the crowd held the banner of “Trump 2024”.

In November, there have been very violent demonstrations in Rotterdam Oppose the measures taken by the government and Covid passports. Hundreds of protesters clashed with the police, who eventually shot and killed two people. A total of 7 people were injured and 20 people were arrested.

The Netherlands has been “strictly confined” since December 19 According to the decree, all non-essential activities are closed until January 14, schools are closed until January 9, and the number of guests in a family is limited to two, but freedom of movement across the country is restricted.

However, this strict restriction is not perfect. According to the country’s official data released by the Institute of Public Health, the number of infections has not decreased as expected since the quarantine, and has also increased slightly in recent days. This Sunday, 17,531 cases were reported, 1,880 more than Saturday, but the death toll dropped significantly to 6 cases. The average for the past 7 days is 35.

This Sunday, a Dutch policeman caught a protester in Amsterdam.

This Sunday, a Dutch policeman caught a protester in Amsterdam.


In addition, according to data from the National Patient Distribution Center, there are 1,675 Covid-19 patients in the country’s hospitals, of which 475 are in the intensive care unit. In addition, there are 13 Dutch patients in the intensive care unit in neighboring Germany.


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