Anti-abortion protests in several US cities


Abortion rights advocates staged protests on Friday in several major cities across the country. The protests took place in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and also in Chicago, Seattle and other cities.

In New York and Los Angeles, people chanted: “Rise for the right to abortion.”

The protest began on the day that the US Supreme Court issued a very blunt decision that almost completely overturns the constitutional protection of abortion. 50 years after Roe v. Wade had a legal abortion.

Emotions run high at Kansas abortion clinic

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday overturned Roe v. Wade, a 1973 decision that provided constitutional right to abortion.

This decision is expected to result in a ban on abortion in about half of the states, although the timing of these laws effect varies.

Some states prohibit or immediately drastically limit abortionsand other restrictions will come into effect at a later date.

Kansas has a Republican-controlled legislature that wants to ban or restrict access to abortion, but democratic governor who maintains access and is up for re-election this year.

Under current law, Kansas does not ban most abortions as long as 22 weeks pregnantwhen they are only allowed to save a patient’s life or prevent “substantial and irreversible physical disruption of essential bodily functions”.

The state supreme court in 2019 stated that access to abortion is a “fundamental” right under the state constitution, which provides stronger protection for abortion rights than the current US Constitution.

Emotions run high at Kansas abortion clinic

Nothing will change immediately in Kansas

Confidence clinic for women in Wichita was busy all day performing abortions on women from Kansas and nearby states.

Clinic director Ashley Brink was thrilled, saying: “I had a couple of co-workers when the decision came in and we sort of took a moment to be together. I went and checked on the staff in our administrative area and they “I saw it. I checked on our medical team. They were there helping patients. Unfortunately the staff was still working as normal because they knew we had patients to see if they needed this care.”

The state Supreme Court has blocked enforcement of a 2015 statutory ban on the common second trimester procedure, and anti-abortion fears that a host of other rules could be the subject of litigation in the near future.


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