Anthony Joshua has agreed to fight Tyson Fury for the WBC title 60-40.

BUTafter it took some time to recover from the mental losses that were losing Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua gets down to business and is accepted Tyson Fury call. in WBC World Heavyweight Champion recently called out Anthony Joshua to defend his belt and reports confirm he agreed. There are only a few conditions that Eddie Hearn disclosed on IFL-TV to take the fight.

While 60-40 twines was agreed, Fury’s team originally wanted the fight to take place on November 12 this year. However, Joshua wants another month to recover and they only want to change the date to December 17. Fury and his team have yet to respond to this slight modification, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Anthony Joshua will continue to improve

This new challenge represents a huge opportunity for Anthony Joshua, who just recovered from a double disappointment against Usyk. The Ukrainian boxer himself turned to the press to tell his opponent that he should not give up the sport and should continue to fight. This new chance against fury should put him in a privileged position among his latest results.

Should he beat Fury for WBC belts, he will have a new chance to fight Usyk to unify all heavyweight belts. If this fight becomes official, it could easily become one of the most anticipated fights in recent memory. British boxing history with two of the division’s top supporters.

Tyson Fury himself published a story on Instagram, in which he confirms that he is glad that the fight with Joshua can become BT Sport and DAZN general PPV event. All he needs is to agree on that December date now, Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua expecting a response within a week.

Although the most logical fight was Usyk vs Fury in order to unify the belts, Tyson wants to get as much money as possible from his potential title defense. Comparing the draws of both tournaments, Fury vs Joshua the fight is far more lucrative than Usyk vs. Fury. It is so simple. Joshua has already answered in his stories, an announcement is expected.


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