Another way of living: a feminist and benevolent building


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Barcelona (EFE).- A group of women and people from the LGTBI collective have come together in a feminist and care cooperative to build an apartment building in the neighborhood of Roquetes (Barcelona). They don’t want to have to be a traditional couple to be able to buy an apartment and they reject the idea of ​​growing old alone.

Miriam, Sara and María, three of the future neighbors of “La Morada”, as they baptized their future common house, explained to EFE that this formula is not only cheaper for them, but also better adapted to the future in which pool care and share old age.

“Most of us don’t have the capacity to buy alone or to rent because prices are exploding. Without the traditional couple format, it is now almost impossible to access housing,” explains Miriam Solá, a 40-year-old equality technician who works in local administration.

For their accommodation, which they will have the right to use for 70 years, that is, the rest of their lives (most are around 40 years old), they have given an entry of 20,000 euros and will pay installments around 700 euros.

Miriam Solà poses in front of the land in Barcelona’s Roquetes district where an apartment building is being built by a feminist and LGBTI care cooperative. EFE/Enric Fontcuberta

“What unites us all in “La morada” is the search for stability in a context of housing crisis, but also the idea of ​​creating a housing project beyond the nuclear family and the couple” , explains Solá.

Looking for something different from the traditional family

“Traditional families were founded on the idea of ​​romantic love, but the family ends up being an economic unit of basic organization of society which is supported by the division of productive and reproductive labor and the latter, as care is our responsibility. We want something different,” he defends himself.

Sara Barrientos, a 42-year-old therapist, says she is tired of being kicked out by rental prices in Barcelona from different houses and now she hopes to find a place of stability where she can live in a community and where “the neighbors are more than neighbours”.

“Those of us who don’t have a partner and children look for other role models to care for and seek care. A place to share household management and also emotional support,” he says.

To facilitate this model of coexistence, they explain, the building has apartments of different sizes and incorporates a “cluster” on one of the floors, a community within the community made up of various coexistence units that share more than one floor. community spaces.

“We are trying to be able to live in a place with less loneliness and more affection”, adds María Berzosa, 40, a computer technician, who highlights the differential fact of the feminist and LGTBI encounter in her city compared to the other cooperative housing.

A group of women and members of the LGTBI collective buy a feminist and caring building
Miriam Solà, belonging to the LGTBI collective and who does not want to have to form a traditional couple in order to be able to buy an apartment, rejects the idea of ​​growing old alone. EFE/Enric Fontcuberta

Barcelona has promoted housing cooperatives

In Catalonia, mainly in Barcelona, ​​land transfers have been approved in recent years for housing cooperative projects within the framework of programs promoting access to housing, although these formulas, they point out, are still unknown to the majority of people.

Proof of this is that his project was the only one to have been submitted to the open call for the transfer of land carried out by the Dinamo Foundation, owner of the space located in the Plaza de las Mujeres in Nou Barris. “Yes, the name seems to be for us,” Solá laughs.

Although “Barcelona is the flagship”, says Miriam, of this type of land transfers and housing projects, this type of initiative requires greater efforts on the part of the administrations to create “a housing ecosystem that is more accessible and less based on ownership, market and speculation.


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