Another victim of Chicle: ‘He told me to give him my mobile phone; he had a knife’ – EFE News


A Coruña, Nov 23 (EFE).- A woman victim of kidnapping and attempted sexual assault by José Enrique Abuín Gey, El Chicle, assured this Wednesday that she had asked him “to give her the mobile phone” while “He had a knife in his hand”, facts which coincide with what the sister-in-law of the man condemned for the death of the young Madrilenian Diana Quer denounces.

The second section of the Provincial Court of La Coruña hosts this Wednesday the second session of the trial against Chicle for an alleged sexual assault on January 17, 2005, a case he denied, while the victim, his sister-in-law, maintained his version.

In this session, a female victim of the accused in Boiro (A Coruña) said, where he kidnapped her in an attempt to sexually assault her, events for which he was convicted.

The private prosecutor’s office has tried to draw parallels between these events and those which are the subject of the ongoing trial, in which the plaintiff assured this Tuesday that they occurred in his car, after having taken his mobile phone and “knife in hand”.

“I ran into him, he grabbed me by the neck and told me to give him my cell phone,” said Boiro’s victim, who came to testify.

He added that the defendant “had a knife in his hand” and when asked if he “tried to put her in the car”, he replied: “Yes, and he succeeded”.

During the day, a man who was a co-worker of the defendant at the time also testified, who testified that he was late for work that day, which would be consistent with the alleged events that took place. products first thing in the morning.

Another witness saw him pass very quickly with the car, on a route that coincides with his way to work.

The bus driver who took the victim to the institute said that it was customary for him to accompany him from his home, since they were neighbours, although he was unable to specify whether he was accompanying her that day.

An aunt of the accused said that she sometimes lent him money, although she did not remember that day, and her son said that he did not remember anything and that he did not did not know the reason for his presence.

The Civil Guard agents who took part in the arrest also did not recall the details of that day.

The prosecution and the private prosecution are asking that the defendant be sentenced to fifteen years in prison for an alleged crime of sexual assault.


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