Another Explosive Excerpt from Scotty Pippen’s Book: Claims Michael Jordan “messed up basketball”


SCottie Pippen criticizes even more Michael Jordan as the couple’s enmity grows deeper.

Pippen and Jordan were teammates for the all-conquering Chicago bulls side in the 1990s, but Pippen in recent weeks, he traded what was left of friendship for a stream of insults.

It follows Pippenanger over the way he was portrayed in The Last Dance, with the 56-year-old ever since he shared various opinions on the documentary.

Now he has discussed MJ further in his new memoirs “Unprotected” with an excerpt from Scottie Pippen’s book shared.

“I can go even further to say that Mike ruined basketball,” said Pippen in the book.

“In the 80s, on the playgrounds, everyone moved the ball – passes to help the team.

“It stopped in the 1990s. The kids wanted to be “like Mike.”

“Well, Mike didn’t want to pass – he didn’t want to fight back or defend the best player. He wanted everything to be done for him.

“This is why I have always believed Lebron james was the greatest player this game has ever seen – he does everything and embodies what the game is really about. ”

Confusion around Scottie Pippen’s book

The motive of these thorns is unclear, some are like Charles Barkley – believing Pippen just trying to sell books, especially when Pippen previously said he did not believe James was on the same level as Jordan or Kobe Bryant

“If you want to say these things, just say then and don’t put them in the book,” Barkley said.

“When you bring it up and you just have a book coming out, that’s the problem.”

Some, however, believe that it is Pippenway to get revenge Jordanwithout appreciating his comments in The Last Dance about the need to motivate his teammates in their era of glory.

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