Another Disney World employee arrested for allegedly soliciting children for sex online.


FLorida Law Enforcement Agents Arrested Zachary Hudson as part investigating sexual predators at Disney World.

Hudson ipart 12 suspects involved in 49 criminal offenses.

in Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested the suspects during a two-week undercover investigation called Operation Protector of Children II.

The suspects are between 20 and 67 years old. All of them were arrested as putative sexual predators.

Who is Zachary Hudson?

Zachary Hudson worked as a bus driver in Disneyworld.

The police said Hudson sent out online messages an undercover detective who pretending to be a 15 year old girl.

On June 4 and 5, Hudson exchanged messages with the detective.

The detective, in the role of a 15-year-old girl, asked Hudson if he had a problem with her age.

Officials reported that Hudson responded if “my old age doesn’t bother you.” Then he wrote, “Age is just a number.”

Hudson illustrated all the sexual acts that he wanted to perform with a 15-year-old teenager. The police officers also reported that employee Dingsy felt nude pictures.

“What would an operation be – be it a pornography investigation, an embezzlement operation or a human trafficking operation – without Disney employee? We always have a Disney employee,” said the Polk County Sheriff. Grady Judd It is reported by WKMG-TV.

police officers arrested Hudson after receiving the order. Law enforcement agents arrested Hudson in Orlando.

Hudson was wearing Disney World Uniform upon arrest.

“He is charged with one count of using a two-way communication device to commit a criminal offense and one count of passing harmful material to a minor,” the New York Post reported.


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