Annabelle Ballot-Pottier is the new director of FACC-Miami (French-American Chamber of Commerce) – Le Courrier des Amériques


New breath for FACC Miami (1) with the arrival of Annabelle Ballot-Pottier as Director. Annabelle is not unknown at all, as she has been a board member for several years. She studied (among other things) philosophy and holds BTS Action Co., but she and her very young husband came to Florida in 2002 for a little adventure and started working in a French restaurant on Lincoln Road. ” Then we went to Chicago for three years. I went there without an agreement to introduce myself in Air France and I was accepted. I doubt anything like that is possible outside the United States, it’s really my “American dream”! I was a sales assistant, then a sales manager, then I went back to Miami with them to open an office. Then I was in the Delta for 10 years to represent the Sky team Already in these first lines, we revealed the character traits that made Annabelle the perfect candidate for the position of FACC Director.

Like many nonprofits, FACC Miami had to go through hard hours of covidid and cancel “personal” meetings, but that turned the page around and opened up a bright future. For Annabelle Ballot-Pottier, it started around organizing the annual gala evening just a week after arrival: great success in a beautiful place (rusty pelican, on the island of Virginia Key). ” My main goal is to really come back face to face and finally be able to meet regularly. We all need it and we want it. » The decision to renew the French Weeks has not yet been made … but they are considering it. “Those who preceded me in this position were eventually very talented, and for my part I intend to focus on the development of our members’ business. “.

Congratulations to Annabelle on these ambitions, which she has in common with the Board of Directors and President Christophe Poilleux: Le Courrier will not forget to report on future successes!

– 1 – FACC: French-American Chamber of Commerce

Here are photos from FACC Miami Gala 2022!


French bistro Chez Marie in Boca Raton

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