Anna Fernandez tells the truth about her most popular gaffe


actress Anna Fernandez She was one of the first guests to walk off the red carpet on the red carpet in Mallorca last weekend.they are Top 40 awards And her look is as delicate as it should be. A transparent dress covered with carefully arranged rhinestones can only be hit by: He forgot to remove the label.Carelessness made headlines all weekend, But the protagonist of this Monday Cable girl Found the secret of this assumption wrong, in fact it is not. Through her Instagram, Anna revealed the truth.

“Finally solved the mystery. This year, @wallapop and I participated in the LOS40 Music Awards Ceremony!!! I am very happy to wear this wonderful Wallapop look, and I want to take this opportunity to start discussing the true prices of these things. The label that is part of this look hides a very important message: just by giving this garment a second life, we have saved 1,702 liters of water, the carbon dioxide in the air has been reduced by 15 kg, and we have also made an effort to reduce microplastics. Has contributed to marine pollution. This is the meaning of making a new dress. “

Ana Fernández (Ana Fernández) in Wallapop / GTRES dress

In an exclusive interview with ELLE magazine and the importance of attitude, the singer’s girlfriend Malone gave a detailed account of her attitude and also revealed the importance of choosing a stage. “This is a unique experience for me. I think this is a very special action, because there is a message behind it, and I think it is very important for raising awareness. For the benefit of the planet, we need to bet on a more conscious and humane way of consumption. I am very grateful that they decided to rely on me in this regard.In addition, the settings we chose for this operation seemed very special to me because this year Los40 has decided to bring the gala to the Balearic Islands to speak out in response to climate change, especially the protection of the ocean.I think there is no better time than this“.

Ana Fernández at the 40 Principales / GTRES Awards ceremony
Ana Fernández at the 40 Principales / GTRES Awards ceremony

A close friend of Andrea Molina also took this opportunity to send a message to anyone who has not dared to wear second-hand clothes, suggesting “Try it without a doubt, because you won’t regret it.” You can really find what you want or Unique works, most importantly, the price is more favorable.Buying second-hand clothes is not inconsistent with going to fashion, and it’s more sustainable and good for the planet.” In addition, Anna still remembers The thing released is not to wear new, but to wear for the first time.

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