Angels sued for ball hit that damaged 6-year-old boy’s brain


ORn September 15, 2019, until Los Angeles Angels MLB, a 6-year-old boy was accidentally hit in the head with a ball, resulting in a fractured skull and brain damage during pre-game warm-ups.

The child was knocked down by a careless throw from a pitcher Kenyan Middletonwho threw the ball towards another Angels player who failed to catch the throw.

Litigation against angels

The child’s parents decided to sue the Angels, claiming gross negligence on the part of the team for not installing a larger net to protect fans from balls flying out of bounds at high speed, which led to permanent injuries to the child.

boy’s mother, Beatrice Galaz, argues that ball carriers should not have thrown balls during the warm-up into places where they could hit the fans, because this is the time when the public is distracted by another dynamic organized by the teams to interact with the players. These are spaces where teams invite fans to come to the game early to interact with the players.

This happened to a minor who walked with his father down the front row of the stands to approach a group of players who were talking to fans and signing autographs. They were more than 90 minutes left before the game starts.

The ball that caused irreparable damage

The boy was taken to the hospital in critical condition and was under the supervision of a pediatrician for two and a half days. Kyle Scottfamily lawyer.

Since then, it was difficult for the child to concentrate and interact in society. The lawyer notes that medical studies of the boy, who is currently in the third grade, show abnormal brain activity and it is feared that he will have long-term problems as a result of the impact, when he has to reason in more difficult school subjects.

“We are grateful to him for what he did, but since that day he has had problems at school. “He’s just not the right one,” added the mother, who hails from Anaheim County.

Upon learning of the claim, Angels management refused to release any official position and team spokeswoman Marie Garvey said that: “None of the parties have contacted us about the lawsuit. We only learned about it from the press, so we can’t comment at this time.”


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