Ángel Telles, outspoken bullfighter and winner of the 2022 San Ysidro


One day Fair San Isidro 2022 what they went through 535,000 spectators With twenty-nine consecutive nights of bullfighting in Las Ventas, it’s time to take stock of what happened in the first place in the world.

There are a few names that have stood out from the rest, and the one that has made it the most was completely unknown until a few weeks ago: the bullfighter. Angel Tellez. The bullfighter from Toledo shone with his presentation in Madrid. Returning to the ring on the day of his confirmation, he received one of the most coveted replacements among those left loss of Emilio de Justo in this San Isidro. That day he went out through the Puerta Grande de las Ventas.

The company that runs the monumental Calle de Alcalá has failed its bullfighting awards, among which it singled out Telles as Winner of the Fair and opening of the Toreador. This is not the only organization that has recognized his time at San Isidro 2022. The Casino of Madrid also named him a revelation bullfighter.

1st place Awards

awarded by Plaza 1 are: Angel Tellez as the winner of the fair and the bullfighter of revelation; Moorish from La Puebla for the best task; Alvaro Alarconthe best bullfighter; William Pretty MendozaBest Rechoneador; Rafael Rubio Rafaelillofor the best traction; Oscar Bernal; best chopper; Jose ChaconBest Brega; Fernando SanchezBest Banderillero; GaranhueloVictorino Martin, best bull and GarcigrandeBest Animal Husbandry.

Madrid casino rewards

Casino de Madrid also announced the winners in their XXVI bullfighting awards corresponds to the San Isidro Fair 2022. Last year’s awards honored the bullfighting season in the Community of Madrid as there was no San Isidro Fair in Las Ventas.

The entity stands out for its characteristic bull-shaped reward for Thomas Rufusas a fair winner; a Angel Tellezlike Revelation Torero; a Julian Lopez El Julifor the Best Faena, the one he made on May 11 on the 5th bull, GanafoteNo. 49 Rancho La Quinta already Moorish from La Pueblafor La Faena Para el Recuerdo, who made the bull bigwigsNo. 33 Rancho Alcurrusen, June 1st.

Award from the Madrid Institution.

He also rewarded the bull pestle No. 39 Rancho El Parralejo, fought May 15 by Curro Diaz as the Bravest Bull; a Raphael Rubio, Rafaelillofor the best bull lunge liarNo. 74 of the cattle ranch of Adolfo Martin, fought on June 4 with the Mexican novilliero. Isaac Fonseca as the best bull for the performance on May 16 with bulls from the Conde de Mayalde herd.

This year in Madrid, two banderilleros received the ex aequo award. The best banderilla couple will be divided Angel Otero for his performance with Bull WinternerNo. 62 Rancho José Escolar, fought as early as May 31 Fernando Sanchez for his performance with the bull SonyaNo. 69 Rancho El Puerto de San Lorenzo, fought 3 June.

The season continues in Las Ventas

Expecting to know which company will manage the Monumental de Las Ventas over the next few years, the City of Madrid has extended Plaza 1 for another month. company Rafael Garcia Garrido and Simon Casas They planned a series of novillades with some of the San Isidro winners, although the absence of the only novilliero to open Puerta Grande in the series stands out: Alvaro Alarcona.

The first celebration will take place on Sunday 12 June and will include Alvaro Bourdiel, Daniel Barber D Manuel Dioslegarde with bulls high mountain. The second is a chick Hospes on Sunday 19 June from Joseph Fernando Molinawhich will be presented in Las Ventas, Antonio Grande and mexican Arthur Gilioseriously wounded in the calf during a bullfight in which he participated, at San Isidro on 9 May.

Sunday, June 26, bullfight Fountain Imbro. Iron Ricardo Gallardo returns to Madrid after the success of the one he fought in San Isidro and will tell with Victor Hernandez, Diego Garcia as well as Isaac Fonseca. The latter is one of the most anticipated bullfighters in Madrid this year, when he will take the alternative at French Place dux on 12 August.


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