Andy Cohen says ‘chill’, he’ll be drinking on CNN this New Year’s Eve: ‘People enjoy watching me try to put Anderson in a cast’ –


Andy Cohen has co-hosted live new year’s eve with Anderson Cooper since 2017. (Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are known for their alcohol-induced antics every New Year’s Eve on CNN. live new year’s evebut fans of the broadcast learned this week that CNN may not be as amused by the way the two TV personalities choose to ring in the new year.

According to Variety, In a town hall discussion Tuesday between CNN staff and Chris Licht, the company’s president and CEO, Licht expressed concern that drinking on camera could cause CNN to lose “respectability” with its viewers. While Cohen and Cooper are said to be allowed to drink alcohol during the primetime portion of the show, Variety reports that they, along with other correspondents and anchors who may have drunk alcohol in previous years both on and off camera in Times Square, will be asked not to drink.

But Cohen says fear not: His plans to welcome 2023 include a lot of booze.

“I think New Year’s Eve is a night to push yourself,” he tells Yahoo Life, “and I’m going to try really hard on New Year’s Eve.”

And it will…for fans watching from the couch.

“I think part of the ‘play at home’ factor of New Year’s Eve is that I think people enjoy watching me try to put Anderson in a cast, and I will,” Cohen says. “Yesterday’s announcement was that CNN does not want its correspondents to drink on New Year’s Eve. I think people don’t understand. I’ll be drinking on New Years…


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