Andre Iguodala’s advice on how to stop LeBron James


The’s the only reason players like Andre Iguodala feel confident guarding Lebron james es la Lakers stellar age. When he was younger there was no chance Iguodala would have stopped him in his prime. Even now, making the most of King almost impossible. Andre Iguodala is a veteran like James and had plenty of time to get to know his game better. When Andrew Wiggins approached him to ask for advice on how to stop LeBron, Andre answered shortly and sweetly: “You can not,” – said Iguodala on the Draymond Green show on Youtube.

We have previously covered Greenprogram when he was also talking about LeBron, Giving Isaiah Stewart pointers after his quarrel with James… But Iguodala talked about more technical cladding experience Lebron james… Here’s what he said about the advice he requested from Wiggins: “I gave him some directions. Like, it’s really not about stopping him because you can’t. It’s about beating him on the spot when he gets there. It starts when [Stephen Curry] shoots. So as soon as Steph throws the ball I’ll be looking Lebron seems alright. Where is he? At what point in the attack will he take the ball out of bounds? “This is the first thing that came to my mind.”

However, LeBron’s retirement is approaching.

A stunning indicator that tells us the end is near LebronThe last missed games since the start of his career. In the first 15 straight seasons, James missed a total of 71 games… That’s the same number of games he has missed in the last four seasons of the 19 he has played so far. Even if we still consider him one of the best players in the world, it is inevitable to watch him become less active. Age eventually fades everyone, even ‘King’ James myself.

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