Andalusian airports recover pre-covid figures


Seville/Málaga/Granada/Almería, (EFE).- Andalusian airports are gradually recovering the figures before the coronavirus pandemic and even, in the case of Malaga, the traffic before this health crisis is exceeded for the first time after the October highlights

Málaga-Costa del So Airportthe registered 1 percent more than in the same month of 2019, before the covid, while that of Seville almost equals the figures before the pandemic, with 96.1 percent, and that of Granada is still behind, with the 83 percent.

The best month of October at Malaga airport

Malaga-Costa del Sol airport surpassed pre-pandemic traffic for the first time in October and, with 1,891,392 passengers, 1% more than the same month of 2019, it reached the best month of October of its more than one hundred years of history. . It remains at the top of Andalusian airports.

Boarding queue for a Ryanair flight at the departures Terminal 3 of Malaga airport, which is at the top of the ranking of Andalusian airports. EFE/Álvaro Cabrera/File.

The majority of passengers traveled on commercial routes, adding 1,887,851, and, among them, 312,077 did so with destination or origin in a Spanish city, while 1,575,774 opted for flights to foreigner, according to this report.Friday AENA in a press release.

The international market maintains a very high recovery rate, and proof of this is that it contributed 83.3% of the airport’s activity last month.

More than 16 million passengers in 2022

The United Kingdom (499,593 passengers), Germany (132,945), the Netherlands (112,865) and France (112,362) are, in absolute value, the most demanding countries.

It also highlights the dynamics of other markets whose records are already higher than those of 2019, such as Italy (77,599), Denmark (72,510), Norway (61,757) or Morocco (30,937). ).

Domestic flight passengers increased by 27.7% compared to the October 2019 figure, which consolidated the domestic market as the second with the highest infrastructure traffic.

In terms of operations, Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport handled 14,108 movements last month, 7.3% more than the number of flights in October 2019.

So far this year, the place has accumulated 16,064,745 passengers and 124,810 operations, and of the 16,018,212 users who have traveled on commercial flights, 2,772,938 had their origin or destination in Spain and 13,245,274 abroad.

Sevilla’s second-best number

Seville Airport closed the month of October with 665,977 passengers, a figure that is equivalent to 96.1% of the records obtained in the same period of 2019 and which places it as the second month of October with the more activity in the history of these facilities.

This positive evolution of the second of the Andalusian airports is due to the dynamism of both national and international traffic, which has made it possible to reduce the distances with the data before the pandemic, according to AENA.

Andalusian airports
A plane after taking off next to the control tower of Seville airport whose departures terminal has been renovated and enlarged with an investment of 62 million euros. EFE/ Julio Muñoz/File.

Most of the passengers counted traveled on commercial routes (excluding general and business aviation), totaling 665,065. Of these, 357,204 did so with destination or origin in a Spanish city, while 307 861 opted for flights abroad.

France (80,644 travellers), the United Kingdom (52,247), Italy (46,043), the Netherlands (25,583), Germany (23,923), Portugal (19,475) and Morocco (17,282) are, in absolute value, the most demanding countries.

This circumstance also occurred in the case of passengers on domestic flights (357,204), exceeding those of October 2019 by 8.2%.

Granada airport remains at 83%

Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport recovered 83% of passengers in the same month of 2019 in October thanks to almost 1,400 flights that allowed it to exceed 756,800 users in the first ten months of this year.

Of the 90,362 travelers in total, 83,342 did so with destination or origin in a Spanish city and 7,020 opted for flights abroad.

Andalusian airports
Several travelers say goodbye before boarding the first flight of the new airline Hispania Ayrwais to Paris from Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén airport in 2012. EFE/Miguel Ángel Molina/File

While the national market contributed 92.2% of the airport’s activity, we are beginning to note the reactivation of foreign traffic, which contributed 7.7% of commercial passengers.

In terms of operations, Federico García Lorca Granada Jaén Airport handled 1,388 movements last month (718 of them commercial), a figure 4.4% higher than flights in October 2019.

The positive evolution of traffic during the month of October favored the results for the first ten months of 2022, a period during which 756,878 passengers passed through the airport, while the number of operations rose at 11,927.

Of the 754,984 users who traveled on commercial flights, 701,509 had their origin or destination on national territory and 53,475 abroad.

Almería airport registers 88.4%

Almería Airport closed the month of October with 77,175 passengers, a figure that is equivalent to 88.4% of the records obtained in the same month of 2019.

The international market contributed 60.6% of the airport’s activity. The United Kingdom (30,795 passengers), Belgium (7,420), the Netherlands (3,167) and Ireland (2,979) are, in absolute value, the countries with the highest demand.

In terms of operations, Almería Airport handled 1,106 movements last month (738 of them commercial), 98.2% of the number of flights before the pandemic.

The positive traffic trend in October favored the balance of the first ten months of 2022, a period in which 645,948 passengers passed through the airport (71.5% from January to October 2019), while the number of transactions added 9,659 (93.6% of 2019).


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