Andalusia certifies the tax reduction


Seville, (EFE).- The Parliament of Andalusia validated this Wednesday, with the votes in favor of the PP and Vox and the rejection of all the left, the tax reduction promoted by Juanma Morenowhose executive is warning the central government that it will give “battle” if the proposal for new taxes ends, because it will not admit the “attacks”.

The Andalusian government of the PP, which has an absolute majority, carries out in the Chamber the tax reform that has caused a chain reaction at regional and national level, in particular due to the inclusion in the decree of the total premium of the wealth tax .

The deflation of personal income tax in the first three parts is also approved, to fight against rising prices, and the removal of the water cannon for next year, as well as the extension to twelve years payment of debts to the Régie.

Andalusia will fight against new taxes

Economy, Finance and European Funds Minister Carolina España said she does not want or like government ministers questioning Andalusia’s fiscal autonomy and wanting to “increase ” taxes, for which she warned: “If the government of Sánchez completes the proposal for a new tax on Andalusians We will fight.”

The President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno (d), applauds the Minister of Economy, Finance and European Funds, Carolina España (2i), during the plenary session of the Andalusian Parliament, where the tax reduction promoted by the Andalusian executive. EFE/José Manuel Vidal.

He assured that they would not admit “other attacks” on Andalusian autonomy or the community and guaranteed that the Council was doing everything in its power to protect the Andalusian economy and families “in these uncertain times”.

“Andalusia is not a tax haven, it is simply paradise, although it seems to some that it bothers them that it advances and progresses,” said the adviser in defense of the decree.

The left, led by the PSOE, rejected tax reform outright and accused President Juanma Moreno of governing for a minority at the expense of social services.

Discount “ridiculous” and for “rich”, according to the opposition

Vox, while supporting the executive order, considers it insufficient because it contains a “ridiculous and ridiculous tax cut”, which was made public “by Moreno’s marketing team”, and criticized the fact of wanting to “steal taxpayers” from Catalonia, according to spokesman Javier Cortés.

The leader of the Andalusian Socialists, Juan Espadas, and the parliamentary spokesperson of the PSOE-A, Ángeles Férriz, during the plenary session of the Andalusian Chamber which validated the tax reduction. EFE/José Manuel Vidal.

Socialist Gaspar Llanes said that this decree is “a feast for the rich and crumbs for the poor”, just like the one they made in other stages, and criticized the fact that for the PP the reductions of he taxes are like Fierabrás balm for Don Quitote, “miraculous for everything”.

He warned of the widespread impoverishment he may assume in citizenship and lamented that the PP “prescribes” tax cuts “for everything, but not for everyone”.

Por Andalucía spokeswoman Inma Nieto said it was “an extremely unjust decree, very irresponsible and with a huge dogmatic burden”, with which the government is governed “for the rich” while “millions of Andalusians will pay the consequences”.

On behalf of Adelante Andalucía, deputy Maribel Mora warned that public services would be “holes” with “populist measures that will benefit the richest 1% and reduce 99% of the rest”. EFE

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