Ancelotti: The players thought the game was over, but it doesn’t end until the referee whistles.


CArlo Ancelotti was pleased real Madridperformance during their 2: 1 win over Elche Saturday afternoon.

The Italian coach was particularly pleased with Vinicius’ excellent performance, although he refused to do justice to the Brazilian’s recent surge in form.

“I didn’t do anything, I just put him in and trusted him, which he obviously deserves because he plays very well and scores goals,” he said after the match.

“As I have said many times, I am not a magician, I try my best and completely trust all the players. The fact that he was not drafted to Brazil is due to the decision of a friend of mine who is a coach, so I have nothing to say.

“Now he plays confidently, and everything is going well for him. He gets used to playing further inside, because he has a tempo for this.

“It’s one thing to take players far away, and another thing to do it in the center of the penalty area. He gradually learns and does an excellent job at his job. “

According to the overall assessment of the game, Ancelotti prided himself on how his players handled most of the time, not counting the end when Los Blancos lost and made a nervous finish.

“We controlled the game pretty well, with the exception of the final phase. It couldn’t be a very physical game because we were playing very recently.

“Everyone thought the game was over and the game wouldn’t end until the referee whistled.”

Ancelotti put Marcelo from the very beginning on the left the defender and recalled Lucas Vasquez on the other hand, insisting that the decision was based on suitability and not tactics.

“The replacement of the full backs was a purely physical decision,” he said. “Both of them, especially Marcelo, did a brilliant job in their first game.

“He showed real quality and made good progress, demonstrating his commitment to defense as well. It was just fitness.

“I wanted to give new legs.”

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