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A few minutes after Xavi, Carlo Ancelotti appeared at a press conference on the eve of Real Madrid’s trip to Espanyol Barcelona. Give him the chance to return to Marco Asensio’s situation and the end of the transfer window more generally.

About Asensio

“I don’t know anything about Asensio except that he assessed his situation. On September 2 everything will be clarified and if he stays he will be an important player and I will be happy because last year He has contributed a lot. If Marco leaves, we won’t sign anyone because we don’t need them.»

About Mariano

“I’m counting on Mariano, but he has the best (Benzema) in the world in front of him. We have a team, we have a lot of resources. »

10 years on Modric

“He’s been a good signing for Real Madrid and so is for him. His career has been continuous, he’s been playing well and at a high level. He can go on for more because I see He’s fresh and motivated. I think he’ll do it for another season. »

Farewell to Casemiro

“He has helped us a lot and of course you are sad when you say goodbye to someone like Casemiro, but a new phase begins and I wish him all the best. »

About Ceballos

“Cerballos will stay. He will have more minutes because he deserves it. »

About Rodrigo

“He’s going to play a bigger role because he played a big part in big games last year and he’s going to start a lot more. He’s going to play on the right flank, he can replace Vinicius on the left, he can even replace Cary Mu. He is very complete and this is going to be a very big year for him. »

About Valverde

“He’s a very well-rounded player, he plays very well on the wing, he gives us a lot of energy and makes us more intense.”

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