Ancelotti resurrects his ‘BBC plan’


The is a couple real Madrid damages Sheriff and Spanish left before the international break Carlo Anchelotti looking for answers. Nineteen consecutive days without a game allowed him to take a step back and reflect on his mistakes, and he came back with a clear plan.

He decided that the best system for this team was 4-3-3, and he made it clear in a press conference without hiding anything. Los Blancos used it against Miner and Barcelona and the results show that it was the right choice.

Ancelotti He knew he needed to win both of the aforementioned games and went back to the system that worked so well for him when he attacked the BBC’s trident. Without Gareth Bale or Cristiano Ronaldo, Vinicius and Rodrigo have become more active and perform at a very high level. Between them Karim Benzema was so good that he is a contender for the Ballon d’Or.

In El Clásico, the plan worked. It allowed real Madrid give the ball and counterattack the Catalans, with Vinicius causing all sorts of problems for Oscar Mingeza especially.

Plan against Miner It was about the same, and it worked when they hit the Ukrainian side.

The plan with Vinicius in the head

Ancelotti knows it Vinicius is a decisive player, and now he realizes all the potential that he showed when he first came to the club. The Italian knows that this youngster can really influence his team and that he should play when available.

Ferland Mendyhaving a left-back in position also helps as it provides protection so that Vinicius you do not need to return as often as if another player was playing behind him. Plus when David Alaba is to the left of the defender, Vinicius should move to the middle to allow the Austrians to overlap.

It remains to be seen how Los Blancos will play against teams that want to relax and keep them out, but a 4-3-3 approach and counterattacks seem to serve them well against stronger teams this season.

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