Ancelotti, management and player humility


Tuefive games left to play, including the Champions League final, real Madrid are in a state of complete bliss.

They became La Liga Santander champions with four games to go. They also overcame Paris Saint Germain, Chelsea and Manchester in Europe.

Their goal is to keep competing and winning domestically until the end to reach their Paris date with Liverpool in full swing, starting with a derby against Atletico Madrid.

There is no time to relax. Carlo Anchelotti and his people know it.

Secret of Ancelotti

Over the past few days, many have applied Ancelotti ask him about the secret that surrounds this team, besides the daily work and the quality of his players, qualities that they seem to have to show every day because many doubt them.

In addition to the usual team components real Madridheight, Ancelotti noted that his players are distinguished by the modesty of the group.

“There is no secret” Ancelotti insist.

“What is there is the humility of each of the players. Nobody thinks they are better than anyone else.”

This is what he was thinking just a few days after returning to real Madrid.

Putting the end before the means is a motto used by players who already know what it means to be champions, but know that their job is not yet done.

Everyone except Gareth Bale is delighted.

Although some players like Jesus Vallejonot always played, the only player in real Madrid dressing room to express dissatisfaction was Gareth Balethrough your agent.

The clearest example of the group’s humility, where no one is superior to the rest, occurred on Wednesday evening, at the start of the game at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

Karim Benzema was on the edge. He pushed his body to the limit.

However, his commitment throughout the match was evident. He gave his all and even had the strength to win a penalty, which turned out to be decisive.

know it Rodrigo was decisive in getting this extra time, the Frenchman did not hesitate to offer the scorer of the first two goals the chance to convert the decisive penalty.

Benzema I knew that the Brazilian was full of confidence, but it was he who converted the penalty. Rodrigo I knew it was number 9.

In recent weeks Benzema missed three penalties. But none of the teammates in these two Champions League matches even remotely doubted that the attacker would take the penalty.

There is nothing but respect and trust in the team leader.

“The purpose of the group ahead of the individual” Ancelotti explained.

“I’ve never been in such a modest group.”

Holiday, with everyone and even Eden Hazard having fun like a child shows that football is a team sport and that this unity is achieved through dialogue and a good atmosphere between players and coaches. real Madrid have it in abundance.


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