Ancelotti: I was at the Bernabeu two weeks ago and the match seemed impossible.


CArlo Ancelotti happy homecoming with over 20,000 Madrid residents Real Madrid returns to the Bernabeu, something that he thought would have been impossible just two weeks ago.

Los Blancos appeared victory over Celta Vigo in an entertaining game, the Italian had many reasons for being in a good mood.

“I was [at the Bernabeu] “15 days ago I was surprised how it seemed impossible that we could play here,” Ancelotti said after winning 5-2.

“It will be the best stadium in the world and the atmosphere at the stadium, which is always special to me, was very good.”

Madrid fans came to the party and despite losing 2-1 by half-time, the team scored several goals to celebrate. For obvious reasons, the head coach was more satisfied with the attacking side.

We showed our quality in attack“, – said Ancelotti.

“But we absolutely have to improve our defensive position.

“We are missing [David] To praise and [Ferland] Mehndibut we need to help ourselves more in defense. “

Unsurprisingly, the two key players in the comeback and impressive offensive of Los Blancos were: Karim Benzema and Luka Modric, but Vinicius the Younger threatened to steal the show with a performance that proclaimed himself a real star and a key figure in the team’s attack.

“[Vinicius] plays very well, qualitatively, very effectively … he is a player who [playing] at a very high level, “said Ancelotti

“He is a player with great qualities. At this point in the season, he is doing well, he just needs to keep going.

“Now he is confident in himself, he is very calm and cold-blooded at the gate.”

real Madrid improved as the game progressed, and the Italian boss picked some impressive performers, but couldn’t forget defensive issues that would be a concern.

“The team showed excellent attacking qualities with Benzema, Modric, [Eden] Hazard, Vinicius, Miguel Gutierrez… “said Ancelotti.

“What was not clear was the defensive organization.

“The team had a great second half.”

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