Ancelotti and Casemiro: face to face


FROMCarlo Ancelotti believed on Thursday night that he could convince Casemiro change your firm resolve to join Manchester United this summer.

Casemiro and Ancelotti spoke on Friday morning in Valdebebas before the final training before the match against celtic vigo.

The relationship between the two men goes beyond that of a player and his coach. Ancelotti once again expressed his absolute confidence in Casemiro in his latest attempt to turn the tide.

After the meeting, the midfielder turned professional again and showed his commitment RealMadridtraining with your teammates.

The coach once again emphasized Casemiro how important he can be this season. According to the coach, nothing has changed, except for a wider selection of players.

For Ancelotti, the Brazilian midfielder is special, different from him on the pitch.

Casemiro understands Ancelotti’s worries, but knows he faces one last golden opportunity to sign a major contract. This is what he conveyed to the club and repeated to his teammates and coach.

The Italian tactician did everything in his power to prevent Casemiro from departure RealMadridbut it looks like the Brazilian international is heading to Manchester United.


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