Anabel Pantoja wedding countdown: all the details


Countdown has started Annabel Pantoja and Omar Sanchez Your wedding is finally approaching. In a few days, the couple will celebrate their marriage surrounded by beautiful friends and family. La Graciosa Island, from Las Palmas, An idyllic environment in which they placed many fantasy.

Omar and Anabel get married on the island of La Graciosa / Gtres

The biggest problem they face is distance, because although Omar’s relatives are easier to get there, Anabel must catch the flight (or several) to be with them on that beautiful day.For this and her inconvenience, this young woman He will not be able to walk to the altar on his father’s arm, Bernardo Pantoja In fact, people with limited mobility cannot access the beach, which is the case.

However, Isabel Pantoja’s niece will be accompanied by her mother and her cousins, Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja, They have confirmed their attendance with their family members. “I really want to go to Annabel’s wedding. Believe it or not, I have only attended two weddings in my life. This will be the third wedding I attended. It belongs to my cousin. She is like my sister. I love her very much,” Isha wrote a few days ago Dao is on her Instagram profile. Not only will there be family, but there will also be friends like Raquel Bollo or Belen Esteban, with whom she has a deep friendship.

Issa Pantoya
His cousin Isha is looking forward to linking/Instagram

Until the day of the ceremony, all the guests will be known, but it was revealed that there will be a total of 45 guests. As Annabel herself announced, all of them will dine at the “Enriqueta” restaurant. One of his favorite places on the island, where he intends to surprise everyone with his rich Canarian cuisine.

In addition to “Yes, I want it”, Anabel and Omar also organized a trip around the island, allowing their guests to see the most spectacular corners.

They are already husband and wife

All the fantasies of Annabel and Omar are set for October 1, but the fact is that the couple got married in court a few days ago. On Friday, September 17, the couple got married unexpectedly in Gran Canaria. They showed it on their social networks, which surprised everyone.

A very intimate wedding, both of them had their best smiles, Annabel wore two clothes This suits him very well. For the ceremony itself, a dusty pink suit, spaghetti straps and flowing skirt, and for the celebration, a very comfortable and cute animal print dress.

Like almost all newlyweds, they spent a few days on their honeymoon. Although they did not go far, they have been able to enjoy a new marriage in their beloved Gran Canaria, where they began a very happy stage of their lives.

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