Anabel Pantoja in ‘Luxury’: All the open fronts she’ll stand up to


It’s been a little over 12 months since Anabel Pantoja said “yes, I do” Omar Sancheztoday can be said to be influencer His life took a 180-degree turn. For this reason, the only goal is to end all the controversy surrounding it, Isabel Pantoja’s niece decided to sit down this Friday luxury friday.

With obvious anger, Telecinco Afternoon Program Featuring unprecedented collaborators. Something the collaborators simply disliked, who listened to how Annabelle gathered strength to answer all questions:”It’s been a long time since I’ve been on TV, and every day I hear the opinions of the people who work there, better than the people I talk to”, he said. But what exactly made his cousin Chico Rivera So unhappy with the cast of the Fuencarral chain?

Anabel Pantoja / Instagram Stories

It all started when most of his peers harshly criticized his decision to put the land between the current contestants Heaven’s Nightmare, especially considering that Isa Pantoja’s cousin already knew she wasn’t quite in love with the man who was about to become her husband.And just like that, after closing the door on their relationship, Annabelle chose to survivor Travel to Honduras, where he will meet Julen Pereira Then began a relationship that seemed to grow stronger. Some familiar faces, also less clear, came to question the Sevillers suddenly slamming the canary.

Anabel Pantoja, Yulen Pereira and Rafa Mora at the airport / Gtres

On the other hand, after a very busy summer, passing through iconic enclaves like Luxor in Egypt; or New York, a harsh reality awaits Anabel Pantoya’s return to Spain. That’s how Rafamora, waiting for his arrival at Madrid airport, asked him about his father, who is still quite fragile in terms of health.Something the collaborator didn’t like at all, and a few minutes later she used her social network to express the stress she felt when being questioned by someone who had even worked with her for a long time: “I just live at the airport and it’s fine, As soon as I get to the airport, I feel like I have everything. Not necessary. I know I’m coming from this project, I know what it’s like to work there (…) Of course the stage is great, it can even be fun, but I Don’t know, 20 minutes alone is chasing you, the one doesn’t talk to you, but hey, he’s a colleague,” he said first, implying that his stage was in help me It was pretty tough, although I might have to relive it again tonight with the audience watching.


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