Anabel Pantoja bids farewell to “Save Me”: her 4 best moments on set


When one door is closed because another door is open, if not, let them tell Anabel Pantoja. Tonadillera’s niece decided to give up one of the most outstanding chapters in her life, “Goodbye” help me temporarily. This was confirmed by her through live phone calls, and she directly dispelled the doubts of her colleagues: “I won’t get anything in return”. A few words, as if not enough, Kiko Rivera’s cousin refused to talk to him Carlotta Glide.

Continued media pressure and the endless wars of the Pantoja clan in particular are the two main factors behind Isapi’s departure from TV, although she does not rule out a future return. But the fact is that it is now fully entering a new stage with social networks as its main source of income. Has more than one million and a half followers, Annabel has become Influencer For fans who have already seen role models in it, they will use optimistic and spontaneous messages as their banner.

Facing the new challenge of surpassing oneself, this company from Seville has bid farewell to the project that has been cooperating for six years.Although at first it appeared in help me Very cautious, the niece succeeded in occupying a place in the space of La Fábrica de la Tele, becoming one of the most popular collaborators among actors. Thanks for his sympathy and his nature, ‘S wife Omar Sanchez Has entered the hearts of the audience The moment left to us has become part of the history of the chain. We will tell you about them below.

Annabel dared to use English

Annabel has always been willing to do everything her project leader asked her to do.So much so that he did not hesitate to star in one of the famous tests of “Save Me” A story no one knows, Based on calling foreign repeat phrases. Although I don’t know much about English, The collaborator jumped into the pool in this challenge and managed to understand perfectly with the recipient Talking.

Anabel Pantoja and Carlota Corredera / Telecinco

Arrive at the “House of Terror”

Kiko Rivera’s cousin has repeatedly expressed her extreme fear of amusement parks. Cristina Soria decided to solve this problem by asking Anabel to take her to face her fears Madrid amusement park experience crossing in the first person Wearing a mask, although there are no actors. The moment Pantoja lived under a lot of pressure and managed to overcome it, despite occasional complaints.

Anabel Pantoja and Cristina Soria / Telecinco
Anabel Pantoja and Cristina Soria / Telecinco

Save me okupa Pure state

From help me Trying to recreate a similar to secret story Its collaborators are present. Thanks to the participation of characters such as Anabel Pantoja, this experiment was a huge success.this Influencer He is the protagonist of many moments, although there is no doubt that he is the best among others. Seville man holding glass, wearing a robe, standing in front of the camera interpreting Jumping frog Maria del Monte.

Annabel Pantoha/Telecinco in
Annabel Pantoha/Telecinco in “Save Me Okuppa”

Unexpected expenses

Another great TV moment Anabel Pantoja keeps in her retina is the one she starred in when her cousin was in the competition Big Brother VIPThe participation of Kiko in the reality show is completely subverted. Tonadillera’s niece claims to vote 250 votes in the afternoon and 250 votes in the evening day after day, so that DJs can be exempted from nomination.What I don’t know is the cost of each message, in fact Chico Hernandez Promote, ensure The collaborators spend an average of 500 Euros a day to rescue Irene Rosales’s husband.

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