Anabel Pantoja Attacks ‘Save Me’: ‘You Must Remember’


It’s almost October, and the cold of autumn has swept the country, and Anabel Pantoja wants to end her summer vacation. He goes hand in hand with his new love, Julen Pereira, he spent the summer with him, traveling to places like Egypt and New York. But all good things came to an end, and the couple was caught on camera by Gtres as they returned to Madrid under the watchful eye of endless media.

Anabel Pantoja, Yulen Pereira and Rafa Mora at the airport / GtresAnabel Pantoja, Yulen Pereira and Rafa Mora at the airport / Gtres

Many journalists came to the Adolfo Suarez-Madrid-Barajas airport to witness the arrival of Isabel Pantoja’s niece and fencer on a flight from Cancun. But the fact is, influencer It wouldn’t be what she dreamed of, because one of her classmates was among the reporters. help me Not a good friendly relationship with him.It’s nothing more than Rafa Mora, who would welcome a problem-ridden Sevilla They caused her a lot of trouble.

Anabel Pantoja / Instagram Stories
Anabel Pantoja / Instagram Stories

While he didn’t want to answer any questions during his stay at the airport, when he got home he was completely honest with his nearly 2 million followers. story From Instagram: “What I just experienced was doing nothing at the airport and upon arrival, everything seemed different to me. unnecessary. I know I’m coming from this project and I know what it’s like to work there,” he said first, before asking for respect from those who had been with him on set for so long: “Of course the stage is wonderful, it can even be fun, but I don’t know20 minutes someone chases you and doesn’t talk to you, but he’s a colleague,” he went on to explain, to express the discomfort that what happened to him.

Anabel Pantoja / Instagram Stories
Anabel Pantoja / Instagram Stories

But her testimony didn’t end there, and Annabelle went on to highlight the words that affected her the most: “If you dadif when do you start working, if when do you stop, if so… when they are real rumors and in front of everyone… right there, shoot. Shit, I’m human. You also have to have a little memory. I know you’re looking for answers, but, damn, these are really tough questions. I know they may ask, but I also have the right not to answer them. I also have the right to let you leave me and stop asking me. I’ve been asked the same thing about 20 times. What if I’m going to contribute, what if I’m going to contribute, what if I’m going to work. But who thinks I don’t work? I’ve been on vacation for 15 days.I went to the island without food for three months, and I organized my life,” he asked earnestly with tears in his eyes help mein particular ValencianDon’t interfere in your life.


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