Anabel Pantoja: a sad image in her favorite place


Anabel Pantoja keep trying to turn the page. Fully immersed in a new month, she hopes that Christmas will bring her better things than last November, which she closed in the worst possible way, saying goodbye to her father forever. Two weeks have passed since that event and the time has come to resume the life that she put on hold for a sad reason. For that, she has not hesitated to surround herself with the best possible company, her friends, as well as pack her bags and head to her favorite place in the world.

Obviously, it could not be other than the Canary Islands. The Sevillian is considered an “adopted” from the archipelago and places the upper photo as “my home”. She trusts in the joy that she always finds being there to regain lost happiness. Anabel has settled in the house that she has in Arguineguín, but she has not hesitated to spend a few days in the capital (Gran Canaria) where she enjoys her people and the local gastronomy. In fact, she has not hesitated to reveal on her Instagram which is her favorite restaurant in Gran Canaria: El Boya beach bar, which is one of the best known on the island. There he has been able to taste authentic delicacies such as fresh seafood. And she has not done it alone since next to her was her mother, Merchi, to whom she is even closer if possible after losing her parent.

Anabel Pantoja and her mother, having dinner / Instagram

The comforting and therapeutic sensation that she experiences when she is in company does not exempt her from moments in which grief, sadness and nostalgia invade her. She does not hesitate to share them with her 1.7 million followers through images that evoke these feelings, like the one she posted this morning, sitting on the edge of a pool with a coffee and a lost look.

Anabel Pantoja reflectively poses on her Instagram / @anabelpantoja00
Anabel Pantoja reflectively poses on her Instagram / @anabelpantoja00

These are very delicate moments for her and there are circumstances that, far from helping, worsen her situation because they give her more headaches. One of them is the words of omar sanchez in an extensive interview with readings posted this week. In it, Anabel Pantoja’s ex-husband poses for the first time with his new girlfriend, Marina Ruiz and settle accounts with the Andalusian.

Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez/Gtres
Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez/Gtres

The marriage between Omar and Anabel fell apart four months after getting married and their separation has gone through a roller coaster. However, they have not yet signed the divorce papers and the surfer wants to definitively resolve this issue in order to give Marina her space: «Given the relationship I have with Marina, and seeing things in the future, I know that the divorce is an issue that I have to settle with Anabel when I talk to her,” he acknowledged. However, he is somewhat resigned: “It will happen when it has to happen and everyone is happy.”


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