Ana Rosa: Tears and Emotional Gestures by Paolo Vasile


Anna Ross This past Monday, October 10th is not easily forgotten. When he stepped into the Mediaset studio, he was intoxicated with deep emotions, which marked his return to television. For eleven months, the firm feeling he got through the screen has been materially continued. Kisses, hugs, smiles and good wishes marked the reporter’s most special day.

The host got to her job quickly, and she started noticing it from the start. She’s the protagonist of multiple factions, in which she shows her best face, she’s particularly sarcastic, and reunites with colleagues she hasn’t seen in almost a year. The gossip magazine directors, editors, reporters, directors, cameras, lighting designers, makeup artists… they all gave her an unforgettable welcome.

Belen Esteban and Ana Rosa Quintana. / Telecommunications company

Among the signs of affection, one was talked about a lot, perhaps because of the importance of the characters.During this period press conference Ana Rosa said at the end of the show that it was one of the most emotional moments. Paul Vasily He suddenly hugged Quintana midway through the interview. The Italian couldn’t hold back her tears, whispered hello in her ear, and left. The CEO of Mediaset Spain knew her very well throughout her illness, and when she saw her on set again, she couldn’t hide her mood.

Ana Rosa talks about Vasile in a meeting with the media: «Paul wanted me to stay a few days less, but I told him not to go too far », he was referring to the day he will be off, which is currently only Friday. Joaquín Prat and Patricia Pardo will be in charge of feeding her, as happened during her absence.

Ana Rosa Quintana's Second Look / Gtres
Ana Rosa Quintana, second look today / Gtres

The communicator took advantage of the long 11 months to enjoy her loved ones: «The bad thing is, you wake up one morning, go to the doctor, and they tell you you have cancer. The best thing is feeling so much affection from everyone, colleagues and others at this chain, from people I don’t know… My family also dote on me very much. This morning – yesterday – my two children and my husband even came, they never came »he admitted.

Ana Quintana
Ana Rosa Quintana and Joaquin Platt. / Telecommunications company

Ana Rosa doesn’t hold back, to assess what it’s like to face breast cancer again: «This cancer is more serious than the other. Now I need 16 chemotherapy, 15 radiation, two interventions…». Likewise, she has a message for patients who, like her, struggle with the disease every day: A message to cancer patients: “Treatment is wonderful, but you have to look deeper into health, and you get treatment. If you find that It’s beyond you, you have to ask for help ».


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