Ana Rosa Quintana’s two families are in their most difficult moments

Anna Rosa Quintana He started his plan with a difficult announcement this morning. The senior reporter revealed to the camera that she suffers from breast cancer and will leave the small screen for treatment for a period of time: “They detected cancer in my breast. Fortunately, it was found and there was no metastasis, but it needs intense Treatment, which will keep me away from this collection, away from these colleagues, who are also my family,” he declared alive.

Ana Rosa Quintana (Ana Rosa Quintana) on set / Telecinco

At the age of 65, just airing the 18th season, Anna Rosa reserved space for the current co-host, Patricia Pardo, Ana Tradilos and Joaquin Pratt. Although he wants to take a step back and do what he has not done so far, he does not intend to completely divorce himself: “I have only once in my life dedicated to myself and my family. I will lead a normal life as much as possible, and I will continue to be Behind the camera, working in a production company. This is just a hurdle in life. See you later,” he said.

The senior communicator claimed to be very lucky and wanted to emphasize the importance of regular review for early detection.At this difficult time, many people want to express their support for this reporter, such as Julia Otero, Announced through social networks a few days ago that he has passed the treatment for colon cancer: “The mountain looks high, dear Anna Rosa Quintana. Yes, but don’t look up to the top: surrender to the paths of every day. It seems impossible today, but time is your ally. It will pass and life will come back”, the reporter said. In addition to the announcer, other celebrities, such as Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Susanna Grisso, Edmundo Bal, Gloria Lomana or Tony Moreno They also offered him a few words of love.

Anna Rosa Quintana
Ana Rosa Quintana and Juan Muñoz in Madrid / Gtres

Currently, the reporter has the support of her family and colleagues who she considers to be “another family”.Patricia Pardo, who defines Anna Rosa as rock music, is already very excited, but also Joaquín Prat or Ana Terradillos. They will be the three people who appear in front of the camera without a communicator. In this big TV family, there are collaborators from different departments and other staff of the show.

Patricia Pardo and Ana Rosa Quintana in Madrid / Gtres

However, the greatest support the reporter can get at this time is her family, especially her husband Juan Muñoz and their 17-year-old husband Juan Muñoz and Their three children, Juan and Jaime, are with the businessman-and his eldest son Álvaro Rojo, the culmination of his first marriage to journalist Alfonso Rojo .Alvaro married a psychologist Anna Villarubia Since 2016, it has also been a chain partner of the communicator.

Álvaro Rojo and Ana Villarubia during the Madrid/Gtres performance

In addition to her husband and children, her brother is one of the pillars of her life. Enrique Quintana He maintains a very special relationship with the reporter. In fact, in a debate about the Pantoja controversy, he was full of affection for him: “My brother told me that he was going to sue my son. Come on, I will shoot him for Window. He would never tell me because he was so cute. He came to see me this morning and gave me a kiss.”

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