Ana Rosa Quintana’s ‘Oasis’ After Her Most Painful Circumstances


The sun always rises after a storm, at least that must have been what Ana Rosa Quintana thought, and for them, the last days, or rather months, have been an emotional roller coaster.a few weeks ago when host back to his usual position on the set Anna Rosa Project After nearly a year of absence, the only goal is to recover from breast cancer.What you might not expect is that, in a few days, this return to normal practice will be His aunt Isabel tragically passed awaywhich is why he had to leave Telecinco’s morning slot without giving any apparent reason.

Ana Rosa Quintana Upcoming Award / Gtres

Now that everything seems to be gradually returning to normal in the journalist’s life, it should be noted that she may have received one of the most anticipated and desired news at work. That’s it, The Merca2 group did not want to miss the chance to praise the Madrid man’s impeccable social lifewhich is why he received awards this afternoon under the watchful eyes of prominent figures on the national stage, such as the former president of the European Commission and the former prime minister of Portugal or the first vice president of the government, among others.

At 8:00 pm, Ana Rosa was seen starting her day full of joy at the Hotel Villamagna in the capital. At first, out of sympathy, Quintana did not hesitate to express his feelings to the media present, such as the Gtres agency, before accepting the award: “Thank you so much, everything has been particularly exciting this year. I communicate very little, I have to say, she will communicate better than in previous years, but I have been strong‘, she started by explaining that while she’s willing to make up for lost time, on a working level, it’s not been one of her best seasons given her apparent absence.

Ana Rosa Quintana and Suzanne Grisso accepting the award / Gtres
Ana Rosa Quintana and Suzanne Grisso accepting the award / Gtres

On the other hand, the emcee does not want to miss the opportunity to introduce her partner and friends. Susannah Graywho gave him this award:”Susannah has always been great, we’re friends, she’s very generous, and for that she also shows her categories, she’s got a lot. You have no idea how affectionate she has always been, but it was a display of camaraderie and generosity because we were rivals. It is very important to separate life and work”, he admitted, and thus clarified that although one works at Telecinco and the other at Antena 3, the friendly bond between them remains intact.

Ana Rosa Quintana Award / Gtres
Ana Rosa Quintana Award / Gtres

At the end of the speech, the host talked about her new Fuencaral Chainemotionally: “a bit at first Shocksuper exciting, and then after half an hour there is a feeling of not leavingthat’s because my colleagues have already done so”, he assured, and later told him the fact that he was working four days a week was the job of leadership: “MI had to rest on Fridays and Paolo Vasile asked me to work three days a week Because the most important thing right now is to get better. You have to go back to life, live a normal life and revise,” she settled down, ready to continue adding to her resume and allow her career to continue to grow as before, despite adversity.


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