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There’s no better news this week than a return to work Ana Quintana. The host will return to her show group this Monday.It has been almost a year since the launch last time When he announced that he had to be off television indefinitely, he did. A reasonable amount of time, but a long time for her frequent reminders to her colleagues and herself. “I felt like a rookie on my first day”said when it was announced that he would return to the set on October 10.

Ana Rosa Quintana/Gtres

If you look back, in the last 11 months, there have been several news about scope.very important events for different kinds of society, this is certainly Ana Rosa wanted to narrate in first person, but now she has a chance to express her opinion. So his partner and friend made it public Joaquin Plattin a speech last Wednesday, he made public the return date of “The Boss” as they affectionately called her in the team: “Imagine Anna. She has been battling cancer for a year and it has been a very long process, full of uncertainty, painanyone.Need to be with you at a very specific moment, journalists of race, communicators, want to sit here and tell it She climbed the wall at home, thinking “I’d love to tell my audience.”

He refers to historical situations such as, Queen Elizabeth II diesOn September 8, the longest-reigning monarch said goodbye at her Balmoral residence after her 70-year reign as her heart stopped beating. A world news that turned on all news on the planet and dominated the news for at least twelve days as the act he remembered lasted. His state funeral and funeral in Windsor was the last of a marathon of messages that glossy journalists who knew Ana Rosa Quintana would love to tell.

Joaquín Prat in
Joaquín Prat in “Project Ana Rosa” / Telecinco

In their place are Joaquin Platt, Ana Tradelos and Patricia Pardo Anna Rosa’s show, although the reference to it is indeed a constant. The world of coated paper is also very busy.We recently witnessed one of the key episodes of the year regarding heart issues, and it has been Break between Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva due to the infidelity of the employer.a story gave lots of headlines in the form of a reaction from both sides.

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva / Gtres
Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva / Gtres

Moments of anticipation are moments of anticipation King Juan Carlos returns to Spain After he was exiled to Abu Dhabi in 2020. Regatta in Galicia last spring. This is the first and last time he has set foot on Spanish soil since he left. On the other hand, the deaths of people like Jesús Mariñas, Juan Diego, Verónica Forqué or Carlos Marín dye the TV chronicles black and get commented by their peers. Also far from the heart are very important news, such as the end of outdoor and indoor masks, which drove the end of the pandemic or the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, to name a few.


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