Ana Rosa Quintana: The first photo after leaving TV


Anna Rosa Quintana When no one expected her, she appeared again and surprised everyone.The host leaves home to enjoy a good meal OmarmontesThe two expressed their cooperation with the plan to be carried out at a well-known restaurant in the capital this Friday. They are the first photos of the reporter after he temporarily quit the TV to recover from it. Breast cancer They diagnosed him.

The friends took advantage of the presence of the singer Pan Bendito on the Anna Rosa show, where he promoted The little prince is Omar Montes, His new documentary for Amazon Prime, meet each other. A meeting also allowed Omar to involve Quintana in a moment when all the power and feelings he gained were few.

Omar Montes and Ana Rosa, at their food outlet / Gtres

Both were contacted when they left the restaurant where they ate. As soon as he noticed the presence of the camera, Omar Montes revealed his unique sense of humor: “Please, please leave our space, we are getting to know each other”, He said to the camera, releasing Ana Rosa Quintana’s laughter. “Don’t do the usual things to me, you ruined all my relationships,” he continued.

At that time, the senior reporter spoke: «We are premiering. You already know that they have premiered Omar’s documentary on Amazon. This is our success this season in Unicorn production,” he commented. Regarding what we will see in this project, Open Emphasize “I have talked about all my beginnings, how I started, my friends, my school, people nearby… that’s it in». “This is sugar cane, it’s amazing,” Anna Rosa pointed out.

Omar Montes and Anna Rosa/Gtres
Omar Montes and Anna Rosa/Gtres

There is almost no room to talk about the host’s situation, but she has already said “marvelous”, Laughed from ear to ear. Then the two left in different cars, kissing and high-fiving.An unexpected tandem, which shows that Omar Montes is so versatile that people see him all the same Yacht with Carmen Lomana Not the queen of the morning.

The new thing about Omar Montes is Biopic Among them, his fame is reviewed from his humble background and how he maintains these backgrounds despite the thousands of euro bills today. In fact, he and his mother, grandparents and son continue to live in a 60-square-meter apartment in the Pan Bendito area.

As for Ana Rosa Quintana (Ana Rosa Quintana), the reporter announced on November 2 that she had been tested for cancer in one of her breasts, which forced her to temporarily quit the TV show and focus on recovery. He is currently strong, very optimistic, and eager to enjoy life, as this outing with Omar demonstrated.

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