Ana Rosa Quintana confessed to the weight she gained while on vacation


Anna Rosa Quintana After enjoying a well-deserved summer vacation, he has rejoined. The host started a new season of “Anna Rosa Project” yesterday, and she did it in an amazing way. Climb the wind tower and talk about one of the most controversial topics in modern times: the rise of light. The reporter also announced the news of the space in the next few months, and bet as usual that the appearance and white styling will slightly change, which is her obsessive color at the beginning of each season.

Ana Rosa Quintana (Ana Rosa Quintana) at the beginning of the new season/Mediaset

On the second day of the new course, Ana Rosa Quintana confessed to the audience how many kilograms she had gained during these holidays. During this time, she devoted herself to enjoying a rest in the company of her family. A reporter from the show was broadcasting live at Mercado Maravillas in Madrid. A merchant showed the products of his booth to the camera, and the reporter said without hesitation: “Look, this is what we eat after the holiday. We have all come to add something,” he said.

And, as the host revealed, this holiday has a certain weight. “You are here, do you also answer?” the reporter asked his colleagues in the political arena. “One point. Let me tell you, I ate a few green beans, and now we want to recover», commented on some critics.

Anna Rosa admitted that she had grown four kilos, although she admitted that she had lost some weight before the holidays: “I have grown four kilos, which is not bad,” she promised with a smile. “I’m tired from walking, I lost a little bit, now because I have two or three left…”, he has already been sentenced. For this reason, it’s time to return to daily life and get back in shape: “Now, eat a lot of salads, a lot of green beans, and a lot of spinach…”, he emphasized.

Anna Rosa Quintana
The host joked that he gained weight during the holidays/Mediaset

The beginning of this season’s style

The reporter started the season in a shocking way. Like a windmill, he will highlight one of the undoubtedly hot topics in recent weeks: rising electricity prices. He also mentioned the crisis in Afghanistan and the actions of the army in evacuation work.

There will be many novelties in the morning show, which has been aired for 18 seasons. Some of the series focus on Spain’s most conflicted communities, as well as a section starring agents of the National Security Forces and a psychology clinic, which includes the participation of experts such as Rocío Ramos, María Velasco, Laura Rojas Marcos and José. Goner.

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