Ana Rosa Quintana: All the details of her plan to return


Fewer and fewer days to see Ana Quintana Sit back on set.In these 11 months, the wait is long, but the queen of the morning It’s here. The camera will be on next Monday, October 10th at 8:55am to record a close-up of the anchor who definitely has a strong message to send. Before, he had been loved by the whole team, a team that missed him terribly. She has advanced it: «On her first day in the program, I felt like a novice. 11 months have passed and I look forward to seeing my colleagues and audience again who have been with me during these long months and enjoying the good life ».

His first words sparked his desire to get back in front of the audience.Her closest surroundings admitted she was “nervous but very excited,” as they commented Week. His return will be full of novelty in every way. Needless to say, his clothes. Ana Rosa Quintana has always been accustomed to choosing white for the start of the season and for special occasions.However, this time may change in this regard: «You planned a lot of models that day, but He doesn’t even know if he’ll resort to white. He was always clear, but not this time,” said the same testimony.

Ana Rosa Quintana in “Project Ana Rosa” / Telecinco

Ana Rosa will arrive firmly and determined to put her stamp on her show again.For this, he surrounded himself New authority on economics and politics, which will form the discussion table. But blockbusters can come in the form of interviews. A very important face in the chronicle of Spanish society could be shut down, according to the host’s close circle. “If all goes well, it will see the light next week,” they noted. Who is it about? The pool has already started.

A few hours ago, Ana Rosa Quintana was candid about her return to the set: “I’ve been in live programming for 30 years and this is my second time in months. This time is far from my passion: News and Telling Lives. The last one was happy because I was pregnant, and this one is a bit complicated, but also has a happy ending. I have the desire, the passion and the need to tell this moment every morningand also very complex, we have to live ».

Reunited with Ana Rosa Quintana / Gtres
Reunited with Ana Rosa Quintana / Gtres

During this time, his colleagues have been turning to Ana Rosa Quintana, Joaquin Platt, one of his best friends there, who posted the good news this Wednesday.

“This show has been almost a year away from the one that inspired us because we felt a piece was missing. It wasn’t the way it was because you noticed you were missing something. Ana battled cancer for a year with no Certainty, pain and the need to be with you at a certain time and race reporters want to be with you. Every day we give Anna a kiss and it starts on that day We can tell you that our partner will be back this Monday.


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