Ana Obregón shows her bank account on Instagram


Anna Obrigan Is returning to public life bit by bit. Work is almost all the reason for his appearance, because The death of his son Álex LequioAlthough at every moment, she received countless expressions of love from the public, colleagues and friends, most of the artist’s reflections still took refuge in social networks.

Ana Obregón and her parents in file photo/Gtres

This is exactly what happened this week, Retrieve an old photo in which she and her parents look very young, He wrote. “When I can no longer live in reality, I will open my memory drawer. It’s like being with my parents tonight, when I was a happy teenager and had many dreams to realize, even if life was stolen from me. I feel lucky because although I am a painful millionaire, but most importantly, I am a millionaire with good memories and all the moments I have dedicated to the people I love. Mom , I thought you would want to remember that sunset with the love of your life and your daughter who loves you infinitely. Where did you come from…”. This is Anna’s new news, which once again shows that after years of extreme difficulties, she has difficulty raising her head due to the heavy losses in life. On this occasion, the TV star talked about becoming a millionaire in pain and memories. An emotional must and possess, otherwise, it will touch the hearts of thousands of people again. Followers.

Ana Obregón’s chiaroscuro Not everything is sadSometimes, and they are becoming more and more common, the actress will work on several exciting projects for her. In addition to planning to return to TV shows during the Christmas holidays, Anna also continues to fulfill her advertising obligations on the Internet. But if there is one goal that makes biologists happy, it is undoubtedly the creation of the Aless Lequio Foundation. He has been working on the project for more than a year, and continues to raise funds before the next creation and subsequent release on BOE.

Ana Obregón walking with her father, file photo/Gtres
Ana Obregón walking with her father, file photo/Gtres

Ana Obregón is not alone on this complicated road Take off again. In addition to the continuous support of her family, her good friends have never separated from her. This is the situation of Susana Uribarri. She has been a friend since she was a child and a representative of Ana and Ra. The model and public relations recently appeared in one of Ana’s most promising publications. In addition to a photo of the actress hugging her close friend, Obregón wrote: “A true friend is someone who knows you like you. It doubles your happiness and divides your sadness in two. It’s the companionship. Your painful person never judges you for your mistakes. The real friend is you @armandoraul”. All of these are great springboards for the artist to move forward every day, although, as she has repeatedly reiterated, everything will no longer be the same.

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