Ana María Aldón, poisoned gift to the press on her birthday


Weekend of celebrations for Ana Maria Aldon. The collaborator has blown out the candles on the occasion of her 45th birthday, which took place last Saturday. The Andalusian celebrated by working since she had to fulfill her commitment to Party, the program with which he collaborates. The space put a video in which you could see what her last months had been like, marked by his departure from Jose Ortega Cano and their subsequent divorce. Although the big surprise was contacting the right-hander so that he could send a message to his ex-wife live. However, he did not agree to this request because he did not consider it appropriate.

The start of the week for the television collaborator has been like any other, without missing her Pilates class. Ana María has found in this sport an oasis in which to escape and, incidentally, exercise her body to maintain her stylized figure at 45. This Monday we have seen her in her daily chores, dressed in a very look sporty formed by leggings shapers (able to reduce one size), matching sweatshirt, down coat and white sneakers.

Ana María Aldón, speaking on the mobile.

Ortega Cano’s ex left the center where she does sports talking on her mobile phone. Getting into her car, the reporters wanted to know if her ex-husband had lavished himself and asked her about the gift that she supposedly could have received from Rocío Jurado’s widower. Ana María Aldón has gotten into her car and with a smiling gesture He left it up in the air whether or not Ortega Cano had had any details with the mother of his sonThis is how Ana María responded: “The what…?”, she said, playing at the mistake. However, her mischievous smile hid something behind that she did not want to share with the press.

This birthday has a special aspect for her because it is the first that she has spent as a single woman in many years. She still gets emotional when she hears Ortega Cano say the word separation. Tears welled up in her eyes without her being able to contain them, demonstrating the contrast of emotions that she has felt on her anniversary.

The tears of Ana María Aldón in 'Fiesta' / Telecinco
The tears of Ana María Aldón in ‘Fiesta’.

The designer did not hide that the coldness shown by Ortega Cano had hurt her deeply, because as she has confessed, it is the first time that the word “divorce” has come out of the bullfighter’s mouth: “He has it very assumed, it is like something that dies”, he confessed. In the program, she also made it clear that they are not going to spend Christmas together since the bullfighter will stay with the child on Christmas Eve and she will be the one to do it on New Year’s Eve. “I don’t expect my husband’s family to call me or offer me to spend the night together, it doesn’t make sense. That day I will stay here because surely I work”, he concluded. Soon his new life will begin, in another house and ahead of him he has set himself the challenge of being happy. It is a good wish for 2023 that is already looming.


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